Monday, December 7, 2015

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Due to some unseen circumstances we have had to change the date of Elder Moller’s Missionary Report.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Elder Moller returns home on December 29th at 4:06 PM.
His mission report will be on January 17th at 9 AM at our building and we will have a get together at our home after.


Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Well as you all see, I was way too nice to say no to being Santa for the island Christmas party. I was the smallest most awkward Santa the world has ever seen. I went to change in the bathroom and well my Santa hat felt like a beanie, my pants were ripping and there was no pillow to put in my shirt, so I stuffed last minute my backpack down my shirt before realizing that the shirt doesn’t even have buttons.  They made me walk up the stairs and down the other side and I felt like I was on the Bachelor, Everyone turns around and looks at me and I just let out a big HO HO HO. I don’t know how, but all the children recognized me and started shouting my name! I walked over to my chair and started calling children up to get their presents. I laughed and laughed because every time I moved my jacket would open up showing my backpack belly.  Everyone got such a kick out of it. It was a blast!
So yeah other than that everything has been good!! Elder Owens new companion will get here on the 17th and we will be three really squashed missionaries in our little tiny chapel.  Someone will have to sleep on my desk!
Oh yeah, our branch president left and now its me who runs all the meetings. We gave a baby blessing last Sunday and I had to do all the paperwork for that and the tithing. It’s really weird to take the sacrament first. But I love it, I have learned so much from being here!
I will be heading to Tahiti the 24th and getting on the plane the 28th. My homecoming is the 17th of January. I have to tell you all this now because this might be the last time I write. Because school is having winter break we will have no means to do email! I am so sorry but you all just have to wait a little bit! That’s why I waited a half an hour to send you all those two pictures!
I have really loved my mission I have really never imagined the things I have witnessed, seen, and done!
I know this Gospel is true and that God loved us. I know that Jesus Christ is his son and he took upon himself all of our sins. I know this mission is the best thing I could have done for my life. I love you all and thank you for all the love and support you have given me over the past two years.
Santa Claus is coming to town! 

See you soon.

 Elder Moller

Monday, November 30, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like.......a little cyclone alert

Hey everyone, Life is great in Rarioa!
We had such a great Thanksgiving.  We made some chicken with some potatoes, and a can of corn and a can of peaches! We made sure everyone knew it was Thanksgiving and by the end of the day we had everyone wishing us happy Thanksgiving! So it was great,
This week we were able to see our mission president.  He was flying to Makemo and the plane landed here for like 20 minutes so they gave us a huge wave and wished us also a very happy Thanksgiving! Then the following day we had our district meeting and oh my goodness it is so hard to give a training over the phone! I had to give a training to the Elders in Makemo and to the sisters in Hau (Who were skypeing the Elders in Makemo) So you just kinda talk and hope they understand and always agree with whatever they say.  But it went all right.
Don’t worry, I have been feeling a lot better this week.  Our handy dandy shower' bucket was our laundry machine today, and oh my gosh, I hate washing clothes in buckets so much.  I started all happy and feeling like a pioneer, and it just ended up with me throwing socks in dirty soapy water swirling it around with my hand and dumping them on chairs. I am thankful for washing machines this year! 
Well anyway yesterday our landlord came to strap down the roof because we got a little tiny cyclone warning! It’s so nice! It’s so cool outside with a ton of leaves on the ground and a little ocean mist.  It basically is like a pleasant autumn afternoon.  But don’t worry we started digging our cooly pokey (Other Side of Heaven reference – Kelly) cyclone protection hole! No I’m kidding about the hole but the weather is so nice!
So in other news, our branch president is leaving this week so it’s just me and my companion who have callings in the branch, with one other active member! It’s so fun! We were about 10 at church yesterday but with the marriage happening at the end of December we should have a lot of members coming in from a lot of different islands.  We are way excited!
All is well at Raroia! I only have four p-days left.  December is going to go by fast.  I love my mission.  I love the gospel.  It’s always worth it! Always!  I’m thankful for the Gospel.  I’m thankful for the choices we have in our lives.  I’m thankful for the happiness that is in this gospel.  I’m thankful for washing machines.  I’m thankful for the two years God had to change my life!
I love you all
Elder Moller
P.s. The population asked me to be Santa for their Christmas party.  I don’t think the kids will have any idea it’s me. White Santa with an American accent with Elder Owens standing next to him...Who could it be?
I have yet to give my answer.

Monday, November 23, 2015


Elder Moller returns home on December 29th at 4:06 PM.
His mission report will be on January 10th at 9 AM at our building and we will have a get together at our home after.

As you sit down this week for Thanksgiving please remember 2 sweet servants of the Lord as they sit down and enjoy their canned vegetables, chicken and peaches.  Be grateful for all you have.  We are all so blessed.



I’ve just been sitting here trying to think what to write about, everything just seems so normal. Normal being on a little speck of land in the Pacific. 
Yesterday at church was great. We got a call Saturday telling us the Sunday School teacher would not be able to make it to church because of boat problems, Because I was teaching combined priesthood and Relief Society My companion got the privilege to teach Sunday School, and this week just happened to fall on Revelations. Lucky Lucky.
This week we did a service project with Kaleikau (one of our investigators) and we went to collect coconuts in the woods. As fun as that sounds it was actually kinda hard. You walk into the coconut trees and there are so many coconuts but when you pick them up they’re all rotten or hollow or just a "bad" coconut for no apparent reason. So I would grab by little armful of coconuts and I would have to leave them all behind! I felt like I was playing Where's Waldo but on the page where they’re a billion Waldos and you have to find "the Waldo", it’s something like that. Mixed in with looking for centipedes, making sure coconuts don’t fall on your head and being covered in little pokeies! I liked it!
So I guess we can say that was the excitement of the week, because I was a little under the weather.  My bowels are so clean now, and our shower bucket turned into Elder Moller's throw up bucket, so multifunctional!!
I guess my body is just prepping itself for the feast that is about to happen on Thursday! We bought a can of corn and can of green beans, two chicken legs, some sweet chili sauce, instant potatoes (which I probably won’t eat because that’s what filled our shower bucket when I got sick) a can of peaches and some cream! It’s kinda a big deal! No I’m actually really excited.
So yeah I wish you all a happy thanksgiving.  I’m so thankful for all that God has given me during my life and during these past 2 years! That is what will make Thursday go great, All the things I have to be thankful for!
I love you all so much

 Elder Moller
We also had our first district meeting this week, we were huddled over our phone for two hours! We loved it!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Jinx, you owe me a dollar

Last night I fell asleep to my companion saying how much his back hurts from sleeping on chairs, and how much it is "worth the risk" to take a chance sleeping on the floor. It should be no surprise that he woke me up in the middle of the night yelling that he had been stung and how bad it hurt. "I’m sick of setting up chairs,” he says. "Finally going to get a good nights sleep,” he says. So yeah looks like we will be sleeping on the chairs again tonight. 
Yesterday was good a church day.  I was a little worried because our primary president left for Tahiti for good, leaving only 5 active members in the branch, 2 of which will be leaving in two weeks. This leaves me my companion and Roldolf as the only active members on the island. It’s great!
So today we decided to go to the reef that is on the outer side of the island, and we adventured. It’s just like walking in water that goes up 8 inches, and looking at tide pools. Normally we find just little shells and stuff but today we found this little puffer fish and then I hear my companion yell "an octopus!".  I got so excited and when I walked up to it, it swam right for me!  It scared me so bad! I felt like Jack Sparrow running through the ocean.
But this week was really good we found some new investigators and we did some yard work for an inactive member. The usual.
All is well here at Raroia, so much to do and so little time.
I know the Gospel is true, I know our message is true and simple. I know God loves all of his children and that it is never to late to change. I can honestly say my mission has changed my life, but I have 40 more days to live it up.
Pray for me, and pray for the people here. I love you all.

Elder Moller

Monday, November 9, 2015

Vacation, all I ever wanted

I am so sorry for last week.  We spent our whole day thinking we were so hot going to the airport shooting fire hoses and the "fireman canon" and then we came home to realize "oh yeah school is out all week..." which means there is no email either. So, sorry for that one.  Blame the schooling system! 
So like I said, last week some of our friends invited us to clean and play around with the island’s fire truck.  So we got our fireman merit badge, no big deal! And happy to announce we haven’t seen any bugs in the house, even though last night the curtain from the window brushed up to my face and I had a heart attack.  I think my companion had a bigger one after being woken up to my gasps of terror!
Also, this week I have had some pretty bad stomach cramps.  We think I have something called "rice constipation".   I’m not embarrassed, I’m proud of my Chinese pooping problem! So, we waddled right on over to the clinic and I had a really funny conversation with the nurse as I had to double, triple, and quadruple check where exactly I had to put the creepy clear pill! I was so glad my companion didn’t understand.  He asked why me and the nurse were laughing up a storm, I told him its because constipation is funny! In truth I really didn’t want him to know what was looming in my rear future.
Our "bucket" drain is clogged so we bucket ourselves standing in our neighbor’s dirty laundry water hahaha.  It’s kinda gross when I say it! But it beats having a constant fear of centipedes crawling out of the drain while your showering.
And this week was killer!! We had 23 people at church! I was so happy.  So many inactives and investigators and it was the primary program! The 3 kids did such a good job! We had 30 lessons this week and the numbers just keep going up as the weeks go by! I love my mission and I feel the time slipping though my fingers!
We have a marriage and a baptism fixed for the 2nd of December.  Pray for that family.  They are so great!
All is well here, and we are going to go grill up our fish a guy gave us tonight after our family night! Maybe eat it with some cooked flour yum yum!
I love you all and I know that this work is true and that God provides a way for those who seek him. I am happy to bucket in green water, sleep on plastic chairs, and eat rice for every meal, because I love this work and I love serving my family here at Raroia!
Nothing beats it.
Thanks for all the support
Love you all

Elder Moller

Monday, October 26, 2015

Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite

This week was really great.   We have really been picking up our activities because I don’t think this island has had a branch activity all year.  So this week was English class, Sports day and Karaoke night! Most of our activities turn into primary activities as the kids on the island love us, and they are at every one of our activities!
I was worried that karaoke would be lame  but we had a really good turn out! We set up a TV out side our house and had a neighbor bring over his speakers, got a flash drive of the most funny, old, and random music I have ever seen and sang the night away. Who knew that Abba and the Bee Gees made it all the way out here! The fan favorite was "I Had the Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing! Hands down! 
Church was good, and  I learned last minute that I had to conduct and it felt funny saying "we want to thank you for the prayer, for the talk, and for the blessing of the sacrament" when it was me doing it all haha! It was really good!
The only down side to this week were the late night attacks! Thursday night a centipede stung me in the ear lobe.  It was like three in the morning when I jump out of bed telling my companion to turn the lights on.  Then I seaw the little bugger crawl into my pillow! So my companion got the knife and chopped it up while I tried to get the poison out. I was so freaked out I had to read for an hour or so.
Then Saturday night my companion got stung on his shoulder, but that centipede got away, hit and run. Needless to say I don’t sleep with a pillow anymore and I wake up randomly in the night and have to do centipede scans. Nowhere is safe.
On the bright side we fixed a baptism this week for December. We have to really plan ahead with preparing people, because we don’t know if the missionaries will still be here after December! But all is well and we have so many friends here and so many things to do.
Sometimes when God calls you to work, there is not much physical support, but regardless the work still works and blessings still come if you are diligent, obedient, and love God and the people you serve. 
I love my mission and the weeks go by so fast here! In two moths I’ll be home!
I love you all so much and I pray for you. Happy Halloween, I got my scare this week, and every night that I go to bed so don’t worry about me!
This work is true and it changes lives, especially the lives of those who teach it!
Love you all
 Elder Moller!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Rain, Rain,Come Here

This week was fantastic on little Raroia! The village takes maybe five minutes to walk though but it’s so great! Lessons are going well and I am happy to say that we had 14 people at church yesterday, which takes the load off a little because last week we, directed, prayed, blessed and passed the sacrament, gave the talks, and taught combined priesthood and RS. This week was a little better.
So basically when we don’t have a lesson we walk around the village looking for service or that rare person we don’t know. And this week as we were walking we saw this massive pig in a inactive lady’s house.  So I B lined it to her house to get a better view and "Grissly" the pig was taking up half the house while the lady was feeding her rotten chicken bones.  I had a good time, feeling like I was at the fair, when I guess a chicken leg fell deathly close to this little puppy. Then the fair of horrors pursued. Grissly mistakes the puppy for a chicken leg and oh my goodness Grissly was a big mean puppy munching machine. My companion and me regretted that visit. I’m pretty sure the puppy is still alive but I’m not patting Grissly on the head anymore. But other than that we were able to help people put their boat in the water. What joy.
So at the house (chapel) we have solar panels, so sometimes (everyday) we run out of power! I love sleeping with my fan on and sometimes at 10:00 at night it turns off and it is so sad. It’s basically the same for water.  I’m always scared it’s going to run out, but this week it rained so hard, so we took advantage and washed all our dishes and filled up our water bottles and washed our clothes from the water coming out of the gutter! It was great!  
So yeah, the work is great, and we have some good potential! People here are so nice and loving! I know God loves all his children no matter where they are on this planet, I know this Gospel is for everyone and si tu veut, tu peut. If you have the desire, you have the ability!
Raroia is great
If I want to snack on something I have to make IPO
So yes when I’m hungry I boil flour in water and eat it, it’s so good.
I love sleeping on chairs, sooooo much.
I love my mission

Love you all
Elder Moller

Monday, October 12, 2015

Cockroaches, centipedes and scorpions

This week has been so great! We started to do some cleaning this week because there are big random boxes taking up our much needed space, and we killed maybe around 15 to 20 cockroaches and two scorpions (which i didn't even know exsisted here) and the biggest centipede I have ever seen. My poor companion saw it first and he couldn't even get words out of his mouth. He ran to the front door and struggled to get the door open for a few seconds.  I loved it, but he did end up finishing our cleaning while standing on chairs and pushing stuff around with sticks hahaha. 

This week we contacted almost the whole island and have met some awesome people who are really ready for the gospel. We did some service this week.  Cut coconuts and gathered shells.  hahaha I love service. 

The only hard thing  on this island is the children, they are crazy.   They want to play all the time and they come knocking on our doors wanting to play while we are studying.  And if we stay silent or don't open the doors they start chanting and sticking fake money in the windows hoping  we will grab it.  And if we don't they start throwing dead centipedes though the little holes in the windows. Its kinda scary. Those kids are relentless! 

This week while we did a service project I learned how to ride a trike which is a little embarrassing to say the least but these trikes here are really hard.  You keep thinking you're going to lose your balance so you "correct" yourself and you end up in a pile of trash next to the road. You just have to try it. 

But I am excited for this week as we are starting our english classes and our sports activities! We are having a ton of film nights where we watch Meet the Mormons or another church movie and they love it. 

I'm getting used to the daily bucket. I normaly dread it but the faster the bucket the better! And by some miracle a member dropped off a washing machine but we don't have an iron.  Best thing Ever! I dont have to iron anything! 

So that's pretty much it.  Boosting the work here is a blast.  I had a coconut for breakfast and like three naps today because we have nothing to do for p-day, but its totaly worth it.  I love my mission, I love Raroia I love our little branch! 

At church we had two active members other than us, but its growing.  Already we had an investigater there with us!  Such a miracle and such faith! I spent some time thinking this week of the faith and dedication of all the members of the little braches all over the world.  We can learn so much about how to live the gospel from them! Love you all so much and have a good week

Thanks for the prayers and the love
Elder Moller

Monday, October 5, 2015


Well we made it in one piece.  We had a really nice last week at Tahiti I got my new companion Elder Owens from Heber.  He is 18 and he used to be an elf on the weird Polar Express train in Heber and he also worked at that as I put it "The weird train restaurant".  I think it’s called Dairy King?? So he is good!! Then we got a ton of stuff before I left and the ward threw a little party for us.  It was really nice of them! Then we got on the plane Thursday morning and we are here! 
 We sleep in the chapel which is a little rented house. We put our little tiny mattresses on the church chairs and we put our stuff in the branch president’s office.  And we have a bathroom with a toilet and a bucket. We don’t say “I’m going to take a shower”, its "I’m going to take my bucket".  It’s so cold, it’s like pouring snow on myself in the morning. And because we use rainwater for everything we have to be careful, because it like never rains. But we eat pretty well.  We get invited by random people to eat and it’s normally really good.  Yesterday we ate coconut crab and it was amazing.
 So it’s been about a year since the last missionaries passed though here and they stayed for about 4 months.  Before them no one remembers having missionaries here so there is still a lot of work to do.
 We had a total of 7 people at church yesterday. Actually it was really motivating to see their faith and endurance.  And I just imagined all the other branches all over the world and the faith of God’s children.
 There are more inactives, and we are working on getting them back to church.
 Here the native language is a different dialect of Tahitian.  We are trying to learn it, but there is a lot of French because a lot of people come here to work on the pearl farms so they are not natives.  
 We made a deal with the local school to teach English to the kids three times a week if we could use the internet every Monday so that is why I am able to write today.  I am sitting on this little bitty chair surrounded by paintings of witches.  It’s fun!!
 On the island there is a little community about a hour away.  It’s a village just for the people who work at a pearl farm but they can not leave the village without the boss's approval so we won’t normally be able to go over there.  It’s hard because that’s where our branch pres. lives.
 This week our branch president and our president of the primary will go to Tahiti and because I was called to be the first counselor I will take charge this next Sunday, fun!
 We walked around today collecting shells and making necklaces and cutting coconuts.  So yeah, I love you all so so so much we have contacted almost everyone here but I have hopes for this week!
 Raroia is so pretty.  I wanted to send pictures but the school director said we had to go so I will try next week!
 All is well and it’s an adventure out here. We are preparing for the cyclone that’s coming, and there are so many teaching possibilities. It’s great!!!
 Have a good week,

Elder Moller

Monday, September 28, 2015

Goodbye Pamatai

This week has been so full of goodbyes and full of so much food.  Yesterday we ate at four, five, six and seven! I am dying! 
 This week was really fun and it started with a youth conference the stake invited us to.  We had around 100 kids and 12 missionaries for the "missionary day".  We gave formations and showed the kids how to prepare and what the mission life is like. Then we went and did door to door and each missionary took around 9 youth. We taught lessons and contacted people.  It was so much fun. After the conference we had so many youth tell us how much they want to go on missions, it was great!
Also we made one last Temple trip while I am here and we took five of our investigators and toured the gardens! And also this Saturday we had my last baptism at Pamatai! We taught this inactive family and they started coming back to church and we baptized their two kids this last Saturday. Now the dad is our assistant ward missionary leader. I love them so much! 
 We had a lot of last lessons and a lot of goodbyes, I made a lot of friends here and a ton of good memories! I will miss everyone here but I am so grateful for everything I learned. I hope to be able to incorporate everything I learned at Raroia.These last three months will fly by.
 I get my new companion tomorrow and we head out this Thursday morning. Ill let you all know how it goes and I send pictures next week because these computers are sketchy! I know this Gospel is true, I know God sent me here and I am thankful for the blessings he gave me!
Thank you all for the support and love

Elder Moller

PS – from letter to Dad (Kelly)
So I called the branch president at Raroia this week to see if everything was good for Thursday. He told be there are no leaders over there other than him and the primary president. So I will be helping him out and taking over when he comes to Tahiti. And the primary president is leaving in November so it cool! Don’t tell mom but we will normally be sleeping in the chapel because we don’t have a house, how funny is that! I think its fun. I already got a few references and stuff but it will be a really fun experience, my companion gets here tonight I think and I meet him tomorrow and we will just see some last families before I get on the plane Thursday morning! The stake president is having a going away party for me today and the ward is having a going away dinner Wednesday! I was well loved here! I will have a lot more to say next week but I love you!

Everyone and their dog tells me about mom and about how much she loved pictures of me. haha my companions love her. They laugh all the time, random people I have met like once come up to me saying that they need a picture for my mom! Its like she is here, hahaha It will be a little harder for her to track me down at Raroia
Love you

Elder Moller

Monday, September 21, 2015


We heard a bit from Elder Moller and he will be transferring in a week or so (likely heading out on Oct 1st).  He will be training a new missionary (they arrive on the 29th), (re)opening a new area, and will be a member of the branch presidency.  A lot of change.  He is going to the small atoll of Raroia and there are about 233 people there.  We will find out more later if his area is more than just this atoll.  For those history buffs out there Raroia is where Thor Heyerdahl landed Kon Tiki after proving it was possible to build a boat and sail from So. America to Polynesia.

Thanks to all for your support.


As much as I have loved serving in Faa'a, and even though I had a really good 7 months of my mission here, I'm getting transfered. I will be training a new missionary at Raroia. So yeah this will be a really fun end of my mission!  The island has been closed for a while because we haven't had enough missionaries to cover the smaller islands so we will be opening the island at the same time! I heard there are about 200 people that live there so we will see how fast I can contact them all! My companion gets here the 28th and we will be leaving probably the 1st of october! I am super excited for this step of my mission (maybe my last) but at the same time I am sad to leave my Pamatai area! We had some good work here and its going to keep being awesome with all the baptisms we have coming up next month! Luckily I will be here for a last baptism this Saturday! 

I know that this work is true! and I know that God loves and cares for each of his children no matter where they are in the world! I know that this gospel is true and I will continue to try and help as many people as I can receive the same truths. 

I am starting to get all my stuff in bags and I am really "moved in" and it’s getting kinda hard to find all my stuff and get it into my suitcases. My companion is being really patient with all the things around the room. I'll let you all know about all the preparations next week! Pray for me, pray for my next companion, and pray for my new area!

Thank you for all the support and love
Weird to think this is my last area
weird to think this is my last companion
I love my mission

Elder Moller

Monday, September 14, 2015

What a Week

So this morning we had a zumba activity with all the missionaries in the zone, taught by an older Tahitian missionary sister in her 50's and oh my goodness. I thought zumba was just like dancing in place.  I have never sweat so much! I now understand why when I told the missionaries that we were doing zumba with Sr. Hauata they just looked at me with big eyes and said "good luck". She knows how to work out! 
 This week was full of excitement as we had multiple meetings with President Bize, and we talked about where I might be going the next transfer which will be here in two weeks! I love my area so much but I am excited to see where I will be finishing my mission.
 Yesterday I was able to go and see the old stake I served in because we went and sang again with about 50 missionaries. I was so happy to see my converts still there and see some of my old investigators now members! And tonight we are going to a park by the beach to have a lesson with about 30 young adults and their friends.  It’s going to be awesome!
 I have come to find out that God has many tools but they're never ready, never perfect, very broken. But that’s all he has.  All God asks is for his tools to have a desire, a desire to work and to be worked. And God will fix his tools, repair the scratches and refine the edges to make his tools fit for the job he has for them.  Making them ready, and making them perfect. God has a work to do and he has many tools. He gets the job done with the tools who trust, who follow, who listen. Out of the many tools available God uses the tools that submit and with them his work gets done. But the tools who don’t do the work, are the tools that don’t get worked on.
I know that God strengthens people when we put our lives in his hands. To do it is not a sacrifice at all but a benefit for you and for everyone that God puts in your life. 
 God will accomplish his work, but God refines you when you let him have you do the work.
 I love this Gospel
I try my best

Zumba changes lives!

I love you all

Elder Moller 

(This is a bit more from Elder Moller that was sent to Dar and I.   – Kelly)
 I had a reunion with president this week and he told me I will be getting transferred in 1-2 weeks, and he showed me a couple of islands "logic" told him to put me on but he hasn’t prayed about it yet so he doesn’t know! Maybe I’ll be helping in a branch presidency, while I train. So many possibilities!!! Maybe I will stay in the big city!

 We also have a ton of baptisms fixed in the ward and we are trying to retain them all.  I am hoping I can see at least on of them before I go.  We have 9 fixed. I hope to have received a call next week but we will see.  I honestly think the calls will come the week after. But I just wanted to let you guys know. It’s actually quite rare for a missionary to stay in a area for 7 months and I will have done it twice now. I’m almost at 100 days left.

Love you

Elder Moller

Monday, September 7, 2015

I Don't Labor That Much on PDay

This week marks two years since I got my mission call! I’ll always remember it because Labor Day made me wait a whole extra day.  Oh well, it was worth the wait!!!
Also this week we had the 100th convert baptism in the stake for 2015! The Faa'a Stake is the Best!!! The church is true! 
 Every morning this week I get a report of everything I do the previous night! I am happy to report that the 24-hour a day lessons are still going strong! Last night my companion saw me sitting up in my bed just blabbling as if I was talking to him, and he says, "are you sure?" and I guess I got mad at him for questioning my blabbing. I think is funny! Other than that everything is going great for the area!
 We are still planning our big open house for the 26th and I really hope I will be there because that is the week of the transfer and I honestly have no idea what’s going to happen!
 This week our ward is having a question answer with Elder Sinjoux (Area 70) for all of our investigators. I am really excited. The Gospel changes lives! I know that this Gospel is true and I know that this is God’s work. I have learned that there are never coincidences, just miracles. And that obedience is worth it every time. I love you all and I pray for you.

Elder Moller

Monday, August 31, 2015

Momi made us shirts

This week our cute little old Tahitian lady friend made me and my companion local shirts!! She is a sewing machine, I have a few pillowcases and a heavy-duty blanket, and she is so cute! And so nice! So those have turned into our P-day shirts.
Also me and my companion had a meeting with our mission president and our stake president this week and he told me this is my last transfer here in Pamatai, It’s sweet and sour as I love the city but I also love the thought of change. I will be getting my seventh and probably last companion then.
 Also, this week we found a jello brand cheesecake mix thing, and got quite fancy and made cheesecake for our member neighbors and we turned into their favorite missionaries instantly! We taught her how to make it and now she is trying so hard to make a better cheesecake! We will see who wins.
 Also, the other day I woke up and instantly my companion tells me "want to know something funny?" I guess during the nights I sit up in my sleep and I kinda freak my companion out often. But at three in the morning Elder Warren saw that I was sitting up again and all of a sudden I say "okay, were going to be starting with a prayer, will you offer us the prayer" and he was so confused and just kept watching me as I tell him "say the prayer please" followed by me curling up in a ball at the bottom of my bed...  He told me it was really funny and he was a little scared that I would start yelling at him if he didn’t say the prayer. I would like to add that it was all in French and second of all I am teaching lessons 24/7. 
This week has been really good! With the ward we are planning our activity (open house/baptisms) for the 26th. And we have been having a lot of success with the inactive members and with our investigators! The activity will be great! We are so busy and we are seeing the fruit of our labors! 
 I hope that these next four months can be some of the best of my whole mission. I know that this church is true.  You see it in the members all over the world and in the changes it brings in the lives and families of all our investigators.  I know that God calls us to where we need to be and leads us to the people we can help.  I know that service and charity are the keys to happiness.  I know that sharing the gospel is a calling that we all have, and the only thing we need to find is our desire.
 I’m grateful for the gospel, my family and all the people that support me.
 I am grateful for the members in Tahiti that will take kittens people leave in missionaries’ truck beds. (The cat’s names are now Moller and Warren)
 I am not grateful for Facebook, because Tahiti karaoke videos need to stay in Tahiti (available upon request.  :)   ).
 Love you all
 Elder Moller

Monday, August 24, 2015

Better to yell laorana

This week was good! We are still climbing out of the hole last month put us in.  We decided that all the investigators we had needed to be changed because all the people that we were teaching still were not progressing. It’s hard to help people change when they don’t want to. But time gives people a good perspective on how much they really need the Gospel. So we have been finding a lot of people and we have a super big open house planned for next month.  We are hoping to have a few baptisms the same day to make it special like last month. I love missionary work!
So today I had the blessing to take an Elder who was about to finish his mission to go and sign up for school.  I forgot how much I love waiting in school offices to talk to people. And today I learned to love everyone asking me if I needed help or asking who I was looking for....  I got a whole briefing on how to apply and register if I didn’t finish high school. I don’t miss school stuff that much. I did make a few old lady friends, so it wasn’t all bad. 
 So also this week we were eating with a family that lived in a large apartment complex. As we were walking up we realized we didn’t have the family’s apartment number so we waited to see if they would call us.  We waited for so long and a lady told us to go though the parking garage.  So we ended up walking though the garage when the door opened when a car went through and we made our way up to the top floor.  Every thing was so so dark.  I already hate apartment buildings as I’m so used to yelling LAORANA at people’s doors and not knocking on those.  That’s ridiculous. Well anyway, I was looking for the light switch, and when I found it and pushed it and nothing was happening so I tried three more times and on the third time I hear a slight ringing noise and I realize I was ringing a doorbell! Oh my gosh!   I couldn’t even explain my fear and what I had done to my companion hahaha it was the first "real' door to door I have ever done and it was awful. I was called here for a reason! 
Well I’m not going to say that we doorbell ditched this apartment but we walked quickly to the members apartment.  Don’t worry no one lived there. 
Also this week we had a conference with Elder Pearson and Robbins, and something that they talked about that I really liked is the need to understand the opposite to really understand a certain concept. Like to fully understand health, you must understand sickness, How grateful I am to have hard days because with hard days I can better appreciate and love the good ones. To really understand the beauty of a firefly, it needs a dark backdrop. Life has a funny way of giving us the darker backdrop, but its up to us to find and appreciate the fireflies.
 I know this Gospel is true
I love you all 
Elder Moller

PS  Elder Moller also advised us that he will be coming home December 28th. What a great Christmas present, even if it is a few days late. 

Monday, August 17, 2015


It’s getting harder and harder for me to write these emails because there are so many French and Tahitian expressions I want to use, and let’s face the facts my English is not what it used to be. C'est Pas Grave Pa'i. This week was pretty good, we are finally getting out of the weird hole our Baptisms the 25th put us in. This week we found a lot more investigators and were already talking and fixing their baptisms! It’s fun. Also this week we had a reunion at the mission home! And we all ate together after so I was happy! Oh yeah so this last Tuesday I got a call from the mission telling me that I had to give a training to all the new trainers in 5 hours. What! So we had to move our lessons and I had to train a bunch of missionaries on how to train missionaries when I haven’t even trained myself. I feel like I did a good job, but the APs announced that they gave me the training because neither of them have trained and I’m more experienced. What the heck, I got gipped. Also this week we have a new elder with us who has been waiting for his visa for about 2 months to go to Australia. He is from Tahiti and he will leave next week. Elder Garbutt. Today we organized some soccer with multiple zones, we were about 30 missionaries and I got so red, hahah soccer at noon is not a good idea, I’m excited to see all the burned Americans tomorrow at our conference. 
I love being here at Tahiti it has really changed my life! I love serving my God and the Tahitian people. 

D&C 4:2
Therefore, O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day.

I love you all so much and I pray for you all!
Je vous aime!

à la semaine prochaine

Elder Moller

Monday, August 10, 2015

Faa'a Boys

So after these last two weeks of running around, this week felt a little slow, but went by really fast at the same time! This week we had Elder Randell with us who got back from the islands who will finish their missions today with my trainer Elder Jessop and Elder Doit as well! So I will have a total of two old companions left in the field, including Elder Warren. So that’s weird. Yesterday we had our last concert halfway around the island, it was really good but I’m so happy to be done! So today consisted of going shopping and taking Elder Randell to buy some stuff, and roaming around in Papeete! I think I’m staying in FAA'A still, that will make 7 months!! Im officaly a FAAA BOY. I actualy love serving in the city! the scetch is the best! anyway I love you all and hope all is well!
I love the Gospel and being able to share it!
Thanks for everything!
Elder Moller
P.s. This week a lady we teach asked me if I wanted to marry her daughter, don’t worry mom I said no. I hate when that happens. My companion thought it was so funny. its not funny.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Great week

This week was the Baptism of Raimoana! it was so great! he has made so many changes in his life!! Im sorry this weeks email is so short! I love this work I know our father in heaven loves us! 
I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and though him all is possible! I love you all so much, take care of yourselves and know that happiness comes though obedience! and that familys are forever!
Have a good week my friends and family.
Elder Moller

Monday, July 27, 2015

25th of July

This week we got the blessing of having 9 baptisms in our ward. The stress and sweat is only half way over. I decided I would give a little overview of all the people that were baptized this week just to show how the Gospel blesses every person and changes lives.
Miriama: She is my best friend! She is 75 years old and I have been teaching her for 5 months! Miriama has got the sweetest heart and decided to get baptized a month ago after getting permission from all 8 of her children she took her steps towards Christ! She has a rock solid testimony and stays up until 2 o’clock in the morning to read her bible and Gospel Principals book!
Teaching in Tahitian was not easy but for her it was worth it.

Kimson: Kimson is 14, and he saw how much the Gospel blessed and changed his aunt who has been a member for about a year.  She gave up a life of drinking and partying for her baptism. He went up to her and asked to talk to the missionaries so he could have the same changes! He is now the only member of his direct family and the image of him and his mom crying after his baptism is something I will not forget and proof that his example is already spreading.

Matehou: Matehou is the best! He is 11 and his mom is a Jehovah Witness and his dad Protestant. Like Kimson he saw a change in his cousin because she joined the church, but he really wanted to talk with the missionaries so he could know how not to be like his older brother, who is often in drugs and never seems happy. He moved in with his aunt so he could have a better home life and took the decision to be baptized even if his family didn’t support him; his biggest dream is to go on a mission.

Desiree: Her conversion changed my life! We started the lessons about a month ago and taught about prayer and the importance in asking God if our message is true. The following fast Sunday she went up to the podium and told everyone she was ready to be baptized because God answered her prayer, she fasted several times by herself to stop smoking and stopped in one day! She also has been sharing the gospel with her family and got married last Friday. Her new husband stopped smoking drugs so he could baptize his wife. Only two brothers of Desirees family came to the wedding, her own son was not allowed to go because the uncle that takes care of him wouldn’t allow it. But you couldn’t tell because she was so happy to finally see progress in her life. Already her testimony at church resulted in our baptism last week.

Medrick: An Ex-con who also has changed his ways has been waiting for over a year to be baptized in the church he has known was true for so long. He had been praying, reading, and repenting everyday until he was finally proved ready to be baptized and be washed of his past, his biggest wish is to be sealed to his family for time and all eternity.

Manutahi: Manutahi is Medericks adopted son who started lessons with the missionaries this month, has seen the changes in his family and though several experiences knows the church is true he as well is preparing for their family sealing in a year.

Tehani: Tehani is our nine-year-old best friend! Unlike the others her family are members but inactive, they have been inactive most her life and though her example the whole family has been praying reading and coming to church each week! She is an example in a whole different way!

Teva: I have been teaching Teva for 6 months, he has been hard into drugs and bad examples! He was really touched by the changed he saw in his sister-in-law, Desiree. And decided that after all the many failed attempts it was possible to change! He finally got the desire to change! And he did it!! He stopped completely and after the fast him and his wife did together they had the strength to continue. As they were announcing Desiree’s baptism at church I leaned over and asked if he would like to get baptized the same day, his answer "yeah, yeah I would". The two couples will be sealed on the same day next year.

Raitini: I taught Raitinis brother Ricky before he moved back to Tahaa to get baptized, and the day Ricky left we started the lessons with Raitini, with no family support he decided to fix his baptism, I have never seen so much faith on my whole mission, he knew the Book of Mormon was true and with his testimony he did all that was necessary to come unto Christ. He is my brother and my example.

I would just like to add how important it is to be an example. Timothy 4:12 " 12. Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity." These miracles came from the example of Christ and the examples of members.
And also verse 15 "15. Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all." 
When you give yourself away in service and in love. The blessings and changes that come are an example unto all, that incites others to do the same thing. I know that the profiting of the Gospel will appear to all when we live and respect the principles the gospel teaches us.

I testify that each and every one of my close friends knew of the profiting and truthfulness of the Gospel though prayer. I don’t convert people; I help people know where to turn when they have questions.

Hosea 12:6 "Therefore turn thou to thy God: keep mercy and judgment, and wait on thy God continually."

Psalms 66:20 "Blessed be God, which hath not turned away my prayer, nor his mercy from me."

Elder Moller