Monday, August 31, 2015

Momi made us shirts

This week our cute little old Tahitian lady friend made me and my companion local shirts!! She is a sewing machine, I have a few pillowcases and a heavy-duty blanket, and she is so cute! And so nice! So those have turned into our P-day shirts.
Also me and my companion had a meeting with our mission president and our stake president this week and he told me this is my last transfer here in Pamatai, It’s sweet and sour as I love the city but I also love the thought of change. I will be getting my seventh and probably last companion then.
 Also, this week we found a jello brand cheesecake mix thing, and got quite fancy and made cheesecake for our member neighbors and we turned into their favorite missionaries instantly! We taught her how to make it and now she is trying so hard to make a better cheesecake! We will see who wins.
 Also, the other day I woke up and instantly my companion tells me "want to know something funny?" I guess during the nights I sit up in my sleep and I kinda freak my companion out often. But at three in the morning Elder Warren saw that I was sitting up again and all of a sudden I say "okay, were going to be starting with a prayer, will you offer us the prayer" and he was so confused and just kept watching me as I tell him "say the prayer please" followed by me curling up in a ball at the bottom of my bed...  He told me it was really funny and he was a little scared that I would start yelling at him if he didn’t say the prayer. I would like to add that it was all in French and second of all I am teaching lessons 24/7. 
This week has been really good! With the ward we are planning our activity (open house/baptisms) for the 26th. And we have been having a lot of success with the inactive members and with our investigators! The activity will be great! We are so busy and we are seeing the fruit of our labors! 
 I hope that these next four months can be some of the best of my whole mission. I know that this church is true.  You see it in the members all over the world and in the changes it brings in the lives and families of all our investigators.  I know that God calls us to where we need to be and leads us to the people we can help.  I know that service and charity are the keys to happiness.  I know that sharing the gospel is a calling that we all have, and the only thing we need to find is our desire.
 I’m grateful for the gospel, my family and all the people that support me.
 I am grateful for the members in Tahiti that will take kittens people leave in missionaries’ truck beds. (The cat’s names are now Moller and Warren)
 I am not grateful for Facebook, because Tahiti karaoke videos need to stay in Tahiti (available upon request.  :)   ).
 Love you all
 Elder Moller

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