Wednesday, January 27, 2016

God's Tool Box

As several have requested this I am sending below a copy of the poem that Dalton used in his mission report.  

Also, I have a recording of the talk (not great recording) if anyone wants this let me know and I can send along.  I know a few were not able to make the meeting.

Thanks to all for your prayers and support.  We are happy to have Dalton home, but also feel very blessed for the wonderful experience he had.


God’s Tool Shop
Dalton Moller

God has a large tool shop
With tools of many shapes and sizes
God loves all the tools He has
There are none that He despises
He has hammers, wrenches, screws, and nails
When God’s in charge the work won't fail

We are God’s tools, each and every one of us
We all have talents we all have uses
The problem is were imperfect, imperfect in every way
We’re dirty we’re rusty and just unfit, getting worse every day

But God is the master, and only God knows
That the tools that want to work, are the tools that get chose
He doesn't choose the tools that like sitting on the shelf
Or the tools that don't listen, cuz they follow everyone else

God will choose the broken tools, and in his toolbox fill,
The weakest, smallest broken tools, that give him what? Their will.
And while God works his chosen tools he slowly dusts and shines
Making them fit for His work, He sharpens, He refines

The shelf may be nice, and the work way be strange 
But in the Master’s perfect hands, within, you'll feel a change
God has a work to do, and he will do it with what he can
The work continues if, or not, you’re placed within His hand

You may not be the strongest, may not even have a clue
But God prepares you, and each of us, for the work that we will do
On the shelf we stay the same, in His hand there’s much to gain
His promise echoes still, you must give him what? Your will.