Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm a Star

Hello again my favorite people.

I am sorry again I am cursed to be on this horrid French keyboard but I think I am getting better!  Like honestly this thing is the worst it is like almost normal but like the most important letters are switched, who does that? Okay sorry I’m over it. 

Tahiti is great this week and a month here went by so fast! This week was an interesting one because of the movie thing that I am in... Lets just start talking about that, so it was supper annoying because they would tell us it was going to be on Tuesday and Wednesday so we clear our whole day, and then they switch it to Friday Saturday, okay so there we are with zero plans for two days of the week and whatever we dealt with it fine, okay so filming day is here and I am kind of excited ya!

And I am getting ready for our day and I am ready to be a Star! So we drive to the mission office and it’s raining a bittle so we wait it out and were told our costumes were not ready so we wait and wait. I was sitting in the mission office for seven and a half hours, The price to pay to be a star is not cheap, okay so the day was a little rough to start out and we could have been teaching the gospel for 7 hours but its all good. So we go get our costumes and we look like Amish immigrants. I didn’t know we were making a movie of the first Amish missionaries? No problem so we get that and we go to the filming site, a black sand beach. Oh I don’t see that side of Tahiti every day... so we do a shot where we get baskets of fruit from the natives and we back away slowly waving goodbye. That was the hardest thing. Here I am on this beach getting free fruit and hats and I supposed to look sad about it. Plus every one looks Amish, best day ever.

Okay well after this we drive to some hose to do more scenes and the first thing the director says is "I lost the script, do any of you have it" any confidence I had in this movie went out the window. So we finished up and went back the next day!

So Saturday was awesome we drove to the other side of the island to film and we pretended that we were making a boat. The only wood that we had was logs, I don’t know how to build a boat but when choosing wood I would not want logs.. Anyway my big shot to stardom is I am inspecting a tree, they filmed me looking at this tree for so long, like what? So I like start knocking on the tree and nodding like " oh yes this tree is quite suitable" haha I’m a star!
What am I supposed to do for a minute looking at a tree!

So all in all I hope that we have some super editors!

So there was that I hope that one day it will inspire someone!
This week was fine a little different but good we also finished up our choir tour, it was so fun to be able to see and get to know all the missionaries serving here with me.

I love this work and I love being able to help people all day.

I really am thankful for the first missionaries here,

With all my love, your newly famous missionary
Elder Moller

Monday, April 21, 2014

Marama and Hinaia

To my family my friends and to everyone else who I love, everything is well in the little peace of Pacific that I love.
this week was the same as all the rest busy and hot! But it was so rewarding as well
at the beginning of this week we got a referral to a couple who lived in our area Marama and Hinaia (And don't ask me how I remember anyone's name here because I don't), so we set up an appointment to meet with them and have a first contact! 
we met at the church and they were both so nice and accepting of our message, they were both going to collage and they already had a few lessons with some Elders in Faaa, everything went super well and we ended our lesson by giving Hiniaia a blessing, I'll be honest I have no idea why Hinaia needed a blessing but I loved that she turned to the gospel for help in her life. so I listened for the spirit and I gave her a blessing in my broken French and I hoped that my French gave her the message that God wanted for her. our next lesson with this couple was even better, they told us that they want to get baptized and they and going to stop living together and go on missions. Oh my word. I'm still so happy for them! These investigators were so ready and so accepting!  I know that they realized that the message of the restored gospel bring happiness, and that nothing else could bring them the kind of happiness that the love of god brings. Life happens, oh my gosh it happens and it is not pretty a lot of the time, but that is when we need to broaden our view and look at the simple truths in life. We have a God who loves us, that truth is evident through so many things in our lives! God gives us trials to give us a chance to become more like him. how else could we become better people if we didn't have hard times we have to overcome. Ah I love that so much! Rely on Christ. turn to the happiness of the gospel just like my dear friends! haha thank you for that, I wish I could say that to everyone in French right now.

so that sums my week up pretty well! and okay you know that saying you don't know what you love until it's gone, I just always assumed it was talking about people, no I have come to find out it was talking about chocolate! 
we are living off weatbix ( bleugh I call them mummy fingers because it is like a granola bar made out of dryed leaves and paper) 
and cardboard milk ( those cows in New Zealand have problems) 

so one day I had a cookie with like three chocolate chips in it..... it was like that cookie quenched and yearning in my soul, a hole was filled that I didn't even know was there! my life was complete after three chocolate chips!
don't take your family or chocolate for granted!! ( I threw family in there to make my self sound a little less crazy)

Okay and my companion fell asleep the other night saying his night prayer, but I'm never quite sure if he is praying it if he is asleep sometimes he prayed for so Long and I think he is just getting secret power naps! we'll anyway I was going to wake him up but I was already passing through REM, I was done. so he wakes up to me laughing at him and he thinks it has been like 30 minutes but it was past one in the morning and he thinks I a. jerk for leaving min in the ground so long and I am busting a gut because he fell asleep. well he knew better and he realized I was just laughing in my sleep! (I was probably dreaming about chocolate) and he said it kinda creeped him out, I just think it's funny! haha, I hope I was dreaming of chocolate. 

there is so much I have to say but just know I love all of you! 
rely on Christ
eat chocolate for me, where it doesn't melt in two seconds or get stolen by ants!
have a good week!
love ya guys!

Elder Moller

D&C 16:7 And, if you keep my commandments and endure to the end you shall have eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all the gifts of God.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Island breeze. April 14

My family friends and who ever else might be reading this: The work is hard but it is worth it.

this week went by so fast but I could not have loved it much more!
for the past three weeks I have been here the mission have been doing a tour around the island and singing and giving a little history about the mission on tahiti. so every week all the missionaries on tahiti gather and we put on a big concert, there is about 120 of us and we sing in French and Tahitian. We are leading up to our big concert on the 23 of May we will be performing at the Papeete stadium and celebrating 170 years of missionary work in tahiti and her islands. It has been so good to be able to see all the missionaries I went through the MTC with and be able to get to know the other missionaries in my mission. we have also been recruited to be in some film about when the missionaries first came to tahiti. I think that I will be able to play an American who has no idea what he is doing pretty well! 

Also this week the other elders in our zone had a baptism and asked me to speak! I choose the longest and best scripture about baptism that I could find, haha it was so stressful but I think it went well! we also set a date for two of our investigators to be baptized! our lesson was short but I have come to learn that if you follow the spirit and trust in god that he knows what your investigators need and he really does use his missionaries as tools! I would also like to add that they started sacrament yesterday with "we will first hear from Elder Moller, and then who ever else would like to come share there testimony after" so okay my French is not very good normally, but when you throw me on stage with so many Tahitians starring at me hahaha I don't even want to know what I said! but it was good! 

I'm trying to this if anything else crazy has happened, nothing here really surprises me anymore, we were just sitting in one of our Lessons and the most fluffy bunny just hopped right to me and started eating my bread, I was kind of hoping that it would eat the cockroach it was by but is didn't. haha or the time our investigator came out to talk to us and he was in church shoes a towel and had a gecko in his hair! haha I don't know how you don't know if there is a small animal on your head, but he had no idea!

other than that it's just haha tahiti, chickens and scary dogs and cats everywhere! I think I'm starting to get tan, I'm really excited about it, that or all my bug bites are blending together!

I love you all so much and I pray for you and hope you are well!
let the spirit guide you!
be happy and know I love ya!

From Tahiti,  Elder Moller.

April 7

to my wonderful friends and family who I love so incredibly much! 
I stole the I pad before my companion could get it so I can have an English keyboard! best thing!
I want to start this letter by saying how much I love you all and how grateful I am for everyone in my life!
this week has been a lot of work but it has been great! 
we have so many lessons each day and so many people interested in our message!
we were able to have two more baptisms this week and I was asked to confirm Fredrick a member of the church and give him the Holy Ghost. yeah in French. oh my word I was so nervous, haha but I think I did a good job!
So I have not seen anymore giant spiders in our house but I kill about ten a day, we have this magical spray called zig-zag and I spray the spiders and they die! it's amazing! And it gets better! I don't even have to touch the spiders because the flesh eating devil ants who think they own the place just take care of the spiders for me! it's a beautiful circle of life! the only down side is when the ants eat all of my slim-Jim's. that is where I draw the line! oh and when they start eating dead geckos yeah that's just disturbing. but they make spider clean up a breeze. Also I wish I could give you my address to my house but addresses don't really exists, we helped a old sister in our ward fill out a passport application and all we could put on the thing was Taapuna! so, hope that works.
everything in tahiti is great, and hot, and humid and full of chickens who think its fine to crow all day long.
but the members are so nice and the people are so humble!
Thank you so much for all the words of love and the emails! It is hard to reply to everyone here but please please know that I love you and I love hearing from you! 
General conference was so good, a wonderful reminder to have courage and when needed to stand alone! our tv broke the third session and so it only played in French, so weird, I would think if the tv was having problems the English would be fine...nope. so I will brush up on that session in the next magazine that we get.
another thing I have learned here is that the tahiti on people are so giving, but also very taking, haha.
our ward missionary goes through our stuff and takes what he likes and gives it to our investigators, it's sweet.
but my favorite is when a tahiti on went through my companions clothes and found some ties that he liked so he was trying to choose one that he liked, couldn't decide so he took them all. hahahaha. that is just plain theft. sweet loving theft!
I love you all so much, I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love the opportunity to serve for our lord and to share the happiness that I have!
faaitoito mes ami
(oh one last thing in one of our lessons I was stareing at this spider and this fly flew right into the web, it was just like emperors new groove, I could hear the fly shouting help me help me, I couldn't help it! the spider ate that fly and it was a spectical of horror!) (oh and two nights ago I was trying to get a gecko out of our room and it hid behind my bed, I lunge at my bed and somehow it came from above me and leaped at my arm, I made a sound similar to a turkey in distress, and may have done a small Irish dance, turns out my name tag came off and rolled down my arm! who knew plastic name tags feel just like geckos! I let that gecko free out of pure shame!)

once again I love you all you all bless my life so much! 
I send all my love from Tahiti 
elder Moller