Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week Three!

So not much happend this week! okay thats a lie! so this week I went to San Fransisco!
And we had to be at the travel office at 2:30 in the morning!! Oh my gosh. Guess who forgot to set their alarms! MY whole Room!! The other room woke us up at like 2:15, That was the most stressful morning of my life, so we get to the travel office and no one is there. we wait for a half hour and turns out that the guy who was going to get us was warming up the bus and fell asleep, ya, ask me how terrifying the drive to the airport was when the driver just came out of rapid eye movement!! So we made the flight and walked for 30 minutes trying to find "Area 1" at one point we were walking around a full on hard hat construction zone. it was the strangest airport walking around experience of my life. So we found it buuut there was no car, we had to call and get that all figured out. so after we got yelled at in french at the smallest consulate I have ever seen (I don't know why but the word consulate puts a large building in my mind) like the security was a unplugged metal detector. and a really big security guard. but it was like 2 minutes, then we walked around and we were so hungry but no where was open because it was still like 10:00 in the morning.. it was a weird day!! We flew home and went right back to studies, ( I was secretly hoping for a nap ). but that was the big excitment. I would write more but I'm out of time! The church it true, the temple is the best place! I love you all so much!!! I hope you all are good!!
(oh were teaching this atheist investigator (she is a member but used to be atheist) We are awesome teachers, she basically loves us)

Love, Elder Moller
and yes I did just take this picture!!

Love you all!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Week Two!

This week has gone so fast and so slow! Someone described the MTC as purgatory, it goes so fast but each day seems like it lasts forever! So last weed we got to hear from Elder Bednar, wow it was awesome, how can you not feel better after that right! Then the schedule goes like this: Wake up, study, plan, take a breather, study, study more, plan a lesson in french, bathroom break, study, study, study, water break, breakfast.... and that's only the first two hours!!! No I'm kidding but we really study and plan lessons in french all day! My companion Elder Openshaw is from Draper, ohh I need to tell you about my whole district!!

 Okay there is Sister Dorius (shielding her eyes from the bright sun) she is from Utah and is studying Archeology, then going from bottom left Sister Marret (she is from Australia and she told me the funniest story about how once she was on this girls camp and you know just a komodo dragon was walking by. She doesn't run away in terror like I would have done, no, she grabs a stick and gently pushes the large poisonous beast into another tent full of young women!!! Hahaha she said all of a sudden she hears screaming and all these bodies hitting the side of the tent trying to not die! I Was laughing so hard, I don't know why I thought It was so funny that she put a huge deadly dragon in a tent with a bunch of young women, but I did! aaaand still do) okay next is Sister Kuenn she is from Utah, went to Alta and ya, okay then Sister Strader, she is from Utah but originally from Ukraine, she has the most amazing accent I have ever heard, okay then sister Lawler from Seattle, and sister Richards from Utah, and sister Jarman from Utah! The sisters are awesome! Okay starting on the top left is Elder Webber from Florida, then My companion Elder Openshaw, then Elder Smith from Micronesia (he sold be this story about how he stepped on a stone fish ( a supper deadly deadly fish and lived soo that's cool) then Elder Warren from Dallas, umm then me the coolest one!  And then Elder Brown from Las Vegas!!

So we have been doing super good these last 2 weeks then out whole district kinda hit a wall yesterday. We were all so haha like siblings, but it is just making us all rely on Christ more and more each day! Okay I cant wait any longer I have to tell you my not so spiritual story now!!! So like two nights ago all of a sudden I hear these excited whispers like something was up, all I said to Elder Webber was "There is some secret combinations going on in the hallway" so naturally I go see what's up. I see a large group of elders run into the bathroom and I hear a Elder shout " EWW Elder don't take that out of the toilet!!" I was so confused and then I hear Elder Warren (poor elder warren) shout "HOLY CRAP!, SOMEBODY JUST HIT ME IN THE HEAD WITH A PIECE OF CRAP!" (he did so good not swearing) I was in shock, I want though the phase of relief that is wasn't me, then I was like well poop why does it have to be someone in my district that gets poop shot! Okay at first I did not think it was funny that Elders are throwing poop, then I saw the poop and I died!!

 So it turns out that one of the elders going to France had a aunt who sent him to much fudge so he got creative and made the most realistic poop I have EVER seen! it was the Picasso of poop molding! So poor Elder Warren got hit by fudge, and it took him a little while to finally believe us that this magnificent piece of artwork was not human waste. Soo naturally I had to have a picture! You're welcome!

Okay so back to my mission! We go to the temple on Sundays, its so nice I want to stay there all day! and we have little temple walk once a week where we walk to the temple and back, but other then that the MTC is my home! French is coming along fine, not as good as I would like but I can say a few things. Like yesterday we did a fake lesson with a few sisters and I said "God killed your family because he loved you" or "I have three kids" basically I am the non-intentional comic relief through out the lesson, oops hard to bring the spirit that way!! So as I said I'm already Zone Leader and were getting seven new missionaries getting ready to serve in France, Paris. So I get to plan a little welcome meeting for them! I'm just going to pretend I haven't been here for only 2 weeks and that I do know what's going on!! I think I can pull it off!! Umm I'm sure I have forgot a ton but my mind is mushy and that poop story kinda took over my thoughts. I love you guys so much, I hope my nephew is great! I hope you all have a great week! 

My district
(sorry my spelling is awful)

With Love, Elder Moller

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dalton's First Week!

Sorry this has taken me so long but I didn't get to pick my p-day. But It has gone fast...for me! So I get here and I am taken place to place and as you could tell I was kinda just going with the flow! I met my awesome companion Elder Openshaw. He is the only other elder in our district from utah so we probably know him somehow. Speaking of my district, I love it! Right now there are 13 of us going to tahiti. I heard there will be about five more coming that are already fluent in french. There are six Elders and Seven sisters! from Florida, Texas, Vegas, Micronesia (saipan), Seattle, Ukraine, Australia, and the rest are from Utah. They are all the best! I took a ton of pictures buuut you need a card reader to put them on the computer, so I will by one at the book store and send you guys pictures next Tuesday.

Some people were asking but we are learning French first. I though I was enrolled in beginners french, turns out I am actually i was enrolled in the "fend for your self while you teach a lesson in french on your second day" class. not what I was expecting. I don't even know how to say like anything. But the dear lord above knew to put me with a companion that can at least answer a question. So when we teach a lesson in french and we both don't know the word I take the initiative and act the word out. So when we don't know how to ask our investigator to kneel with us, I get on the floor and wave to my legs. I really start to feel like a Chinese person who cant speak English. But when we didn't know how to say egg (we somehow went off on what we ate for breakfast with the investigator) I decided against flapping my arms like a chicken and pointing to my egg maker.

I just want you all to know That I have laughed so hard like every day I have been here. Yesterday I burped (quietly, i was reverent) And My companion started smelling the air and he said to me "hmmm can you smell that, it smells good. kinda like pepperoni" hahahaha I told him it was a burp and he didn't think it smelled good anymore. So i started laughing, and were in the smallest class with thirteen people so the others asked what I was laughing at, so I told them the story and I by the end of the story i was dieing, and the whole class was laughing for so long, i was almost crying, turns out they thought my laugh was funnier than my story. they were all laughing at me. once and awhile I like to bring pepperoni up with my companion. Oh and I would like everyone to know That there is a war raging within my stomach, this food is not agreeing with me. It feels like such a fierce battle, but the carnage is WAY smaller than I expected. I am dissaponted every time! but when it feels like I have to poop all day and then nothing happens, what else can I be but disappointed.

Turns out that on Monday me and Elder Openshaw will be the next Zone leaders. I guess thats good. Im happy about it! Oh and I want to thank everyone so much for all the letters!!!!! I am so happy every time I get handed like five!! !Oh and can I just say that french is not the language of love, it is the language of confusing pronunciation!! and confusing grammar rules. but Im getting it so yipee!
 I love you all so much! HOW IS KYLEE. she is all I can think about, is baby here, is baby not here, is baby okay, is baby okay, is baby okay!! oh And I would like you to know that Thursday morning I woke up a half hour before I was supposed to, it was so easy, so anyone who gets on a schedule before they leave is losing precious sleep.  I am so mad I cant get my pictures on here, I seriously took like ten just in the last five minutes that I could send to you!! Oh and mom when you asked me that one night if I wrote any thank you cards and I said no and you kinda got mad.... well I was writing SOO many cards that day, I did not want to write any more! so I think its funny!  I really like it here! My opinion might change in 2 and a half months, but right now its great!  Im sorry that this is just a big jumble but today is crazy. I will get this emailing thing down soon! good luck codi on that thing??? weird. I don't know anything about it really. ummm good luck kylee????? on either baby or recovering. i dont know that either! I will spell check this next time! LOVE you guys! talk to you soon!!!
Elder Moller

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Contact Dalton!

Well, I guess this is it friends and family! I leave tomorrow for the MTC! I just want to thank everyone for all the love and support through out my life! I'll miss you guys but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

Here is all my info if you want to contact me.

Email: dalton.moller@myldsmail.net

Address in Provo:

Elder Dalton Kenneth Moller
2009 N 900 E Unit 117
Provo UT 84602

Address in Tahiti:

Elder Dalton Kenneth Moller
Tahiti Papeete Mission
L’Eglise de Jesus-Christ des Saints des
Derniers Jours
B.P. 93, Mission Mormone
Papeete 98714 French Polynesia