Friday, January 24, 2014

Week Two!

This week has gone so fast and so slow! Someone described the MTC as purgatory, it goes so fast but each day seems like it lasts forever! So last weed we got to hear from Elder Bednar, wow it was awesome, how can you not feel better after that right! Then the schedule goes like this: Wake up, study, plan, take a breather, study, study more, plan a lesson in french, bathroom break, study, study, study, water break, breakfast.... and that's only the first two hours!!! No I'm kidding but we really study and plan lessons in french all day! My companion Elder Openshaw is from Draper, ohh I need to tell you about my whole district!!

 Okay there is Sister Dorius (shielding her eyes from the bright sun) she is from Utah and is studying Archeology, then going from bottom left Sister Marret (she is from Australia and she told me the funniest story about how once she was on this girls camp and you know just a komodo dragon was walking by. She doesn't run away in terror like I would have done, no, she grabs a stick and gently pushes the large poisonous beast into another tent full of young women!!! Hahaha she said all of a sudden she hears screaming and all these bodies hitting the side of the tent trying to not die! I Was laughing so hard, I don't know why I thought It was so funny that she put a huge deadly dragon in a tent with a bunch of young women, but I did! aaaand still do) okay next is Sister Kuenn she is from Utah, went to Alta and ya, okay then Sister Strader, she is from Utah but originally from Ukraine, she has the most amazing accent I have ever heard, okay then sister Lawler from Seattle, and sister Richards from Utah, and sister Jarman from Utah! The sisters are awesome! Okay starting on the top left is Elder Webber from Florida, then My companion Elder Openshaw, then Elder Smith from Micronesia (he sold be this story about how he stepped on a stone fish ( a supper deadly deadly fish and lived soo that's cool) then Elder Warren from Dallas, umm then me the coolest one!  And then Elder Brown from Las Vegas!!

So we have been doing super good these last 2 weeks then out whole district kinda hit a wall yesterday. We were all so haha like siblings, but it is just making us all rely on Christ more and more each day! Okay I cant wait any longer I have to tell you my not so spiritual story now!!! So like two nights ago all of a sudden I hear these excited whispers like something was up, all I said to Elder Webber was "There is some secret combinations going on in the hallway" so naturally I go see what's up. I see a large group of elders run into the bathroom and I hear a Elder shout " EWW Elder don't take that out of the toilet!!" I was so confused and then I hear Elder Warren (poor elder warren) shout "HOLY CRAP!, SOMEBODY JUST HIT ME IN THE HEAD WITH A PIECE OF CRAP!" (he did so good not swearing) I was in shock, I want though the phase of relief that is wasn't me, then I was like well poop why does it have to be someone in my district that gets poop shot! Okay at first I did not think it was funny that Elders are throwing poop, then I saw the poop and I died!!

 So it turns out that one of the elders going to France had a aunt who sent him to much fudge so he got creative and made the most realistic poop I have EVER seen! it was the Picasso of poop molding! So poor Elder Warren got hit by fudge, and it took him a little while to finally believe us that this magnificent piece of artwork was not human waste. Soo naturally I had to have a picture! You're welcome!

Okay so back to my mission! We go to the temple on Sundays, its so nice I want to stay there all day! and we have little temple walk once a week where we walk to the temple and back, but other then that the MTC is my home! French is coming along fine, not as good as I would like but I can say a few things. Like yesterday we did a fake lesson with a few sisters and I said "God killed your family because he loved you" or "I have three kids" basically I am the non-intentional comic relief through out the lesson, oops hard to bring the spirit that way!! So as I said I'm already Zone Leader and were getting seven new missionaries getting ready to serve in France, Paris. So I get to plan a little welcome meeting for them! I'm just going to pretend I haven't been here for only 2 weeks and that I do know what's going on!! I think I can pull it off!! Umm I'm sure I have forgot a ton but my mind is mushy and that poop story kinda took over my thoughts. I love you guys so much, I hope my nephew is great! I hope you all have a great week! 

My district
(sorry my spelling is awful)

With Love, Elder Moller

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