Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week Three!

So not much happend this week! okay thats a lie! so this week I went to San Fransisco!
And we had to be at the travel office at 2:30 in the morning!! Oh my gosh. Guess who forgot to set their alarms! MY whole Room!! The other room woke us up at like 2:15, That was the most stressful morning of my life, so we get to the travel office and no one is there. we wait for a half hour and turns out that the guy who was going to get us was warming up the bus and fell asleep, ya, ask me how terrifying the drive to the airport was when the driver just came out of rapid eye movement!! So we made the flight and walked for 30 minutes trying to find "Area 1" at one point we were walking around a full on hard hat construction zone. it was the strangest airport walking around experience of my life. So we found it buuut there was no car, we had to call and get that all figured out. so after we got yelled at in french at the smallest consulate I have ever seen (I don't know why but the word consulate puts a large building in my mind) like the security was a unplugged metal detector. and a really big security guard. but it was like 2 minutes, then we walked around and we were so hungry but no where was open because it was still like 10:00 in the morning.. it was a weird day!! We flew home and went right back to studies, ( I was secretly hoping for a nap ). but that was the big excitment. I would write more but I'm out of time! The church it true, the temple is the best place! I love you all so much!!! I hope you all are good!!
(oh were teaching this atheist investigator (she is a member but used to be atheist) We are awesome teachers, she basically loves us)

Love, Elder Moller
and yes I did just take this picture!!

Love you all!

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