Monday, July 28, 2014

Baptisms and Dead Pigs

This week was amazing; we had two baptisms (Roselyne and Willam) I have been teaching the two of them and their family since I got here! Their testimonies were so strong and they are so happy!

Our bishop’s family also butchered a pig, I just kept myself entertained playing with kids and naming organs soooo that was fun!

Also this week well, I was sitting on my bed at about 9:00pm reading the liahona and my companion decided to get up, And all of a sudden there is explosion on balks and squacks and feathers everywhere, oh my gosh I don’t even know how this Chicken got into our house! It had a freak out pooped and peed all over the room and flew down the hallway and out a gap in the wall... Thanks Chicken! Gave me a heart attack and make us clean up your poop! Okay whatever!

But this week will be great we are going to have a baptism and marriage! So I’m excited, they jokingly said that I would do a solo for their marriage hahaha funny right. Then I caught a glance at the final program "musical number: Elder Moller" Oh dear! So after that we might have a canceled marriage and baptism... wish me luck!

As you can see I had a lot of fun with all the Tahitian kids I love them even if they try to eat my tie! They tell me I smell good so they can be my friends!

Oh also an American family visited our ward this Sunday who were on vacation, I translated for them and after they asked me what fun stuff there is to do on Tahiti, I just laughed and said I have no idea I just preach the Gospel and clean up chicken poop! So that was nice until I had to explain to all my ward that they were not my family and it was not nice to be able to see and sit with my family at church, and I have a year and a half left on my mission. hahaha

This week was good, my advice for this week is enjoy the small things.  Find joy in the young in the old and in the handicapped.
Find joy in yourself if you cant find it in anything else!
But if you’re looking you will find it! I am finding joy in this work!
And I am finding my joy through service and love
Thank you all for being you
I love you all
Elder Moller

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Service and centipedes

Hello every one who I love so much! this week was as busy as they get, basically there is a ton of work in Taapuna but I love it! finally my dear investigators Rosyline and William are ready and their baptism will be Saturday I have taught them every week since I got here and I am so happy to see them progress! so I just want to start by telling you about this service activity that we had, so it was at our bishops house last Saturday morning and I honestly has no idea what we were going to do, so hahaha my companion got picked to clean the pigs and I got picked to do the garden, I thought I was so lucky! so I get taken over to this jungle! and I was told to move all the pots over across the yard, but be carful centipedes live under the pots.... there were like 60 full pots in the midst of this jungle that I had to find, after I found a pot I have to move it with my foot to detect any centipede activity, because these things are so fast about five inches and if you get stung it's extremely painful, oh and they can jump! so I foraged in the forest looking for pots and hauling them across the yard all the while my companion is spraying little piglets with a hose. so that was fun I did see a centipede but no harm! (we chopped it up with a piece of metal) so that was fun service also I cut down a 30 foot tree with a rusty machete woo! that was fun! Also the good news is our house hasn't done any weird things, so I am happy about that! I think that was the excitement of our week, many lessons and many people to see! we also got some new rules from our new mission president, one is we get to go to the temple every few months! I'm so happy about that rule! the temple here is small but beautiful! we are so blessed to have a temple in our mission! last thought, chickens make some freakin weird noises, if there was a colony of raptors on the island I wouldn't be surprised! sorry that shouldn't be the last thought the last thought is how much I am blessed being here serving the people of Tahiti! I love the work I love the service I love how much I'm learning and how much I can see the little miracles every day! thank you every one for all the support I love you all!
I love you all
I hope your yard work is a little less stressful 
I pray for you 
From Tahiti
Elder Moller

Monday, July 14, 2014

Taapuna is great

Hello everybody, Im sitting here enjoying (kinda) some strange tahitian tecno music haha today Elder Christensen said it is like tecno and hillbilly music put together, so thats fun! its National Day so theres that! Well to start out this week has been good we have started playing rugby every p-day and I have to admit although its touch all the large tahitians really motivate me to run just a bit faster haha. This week we have been doing some awesome work with all the inactives in our sector. I love how sometimes an invitation is all it takes to help people change. No this week was uneventfull as far a chickens and zits, but we fixed three baptims and we gave a ton of blessings. Just Great Missionary work, oh exciting news We has a stake activity where we bring all of our investigators to the temple and take tours of the garden, seven investigators came and we found two more because of it! hahaha they went though the visitor center and took every pamphlet every book of mormon every picture they could find. I was trying to get them our the door to go eat when they started asking for the pictures on the wall. I love that they just want things that remind them of jesus i guess. The best thing is I am best friends with one of my momi investogators and she doesnt know french so we just laugh together while we talk made up sign language trying to comunicate. throwing in tahitian words. I love my sector so much, Okay I just kinda rambled today I dont really have a story unless you want to hear about a rash or my ninja skills smashing the fastest massive spider with a peice of plastic. I will find a good story next week
love you all 
have a good week 
Elder Moller

Monday, July 7, 2014

New President

Hello again my dearest friends
This week we got our new president, President Bize, he is from France but has lived in California for the past 20ish years. He is awesome, I am excited to see what he will do with this mission. Tahiti has so much potential growth! So this week we had a mission wide conference with the new president, I saw some of my MTC members for the first time sense they got lost in the outer islands! We had some Elders from Rangiroa stay with us. This last week I have had to deal with a lot of stuff that goes along with 6 Elders in a house.
First I was taking a shower when the shower decided to expode on me! Okay whatever tahiti person makes shower hoses clog and explode needs to find a different job. I kinda fixed it! Go Me the handy man!
Okay second was not at all fun, One night I guess our trash was out to long, long enough for our whole landry room floor to be covered in maggets, I sprayed the whole room down in bug spray and I made sure the room was chicken accessible for the clean up the next day! Thank you Chickens for One thing!
Three, some charector decided to steal the missionary bikes out of the landry room yesterday night, well good think Im the only missionary in our house with a bike now because I put it up on the second level of my bunkbed! Efficiency! if anyone tries to steal my bike in the night, they will awake a missionary who knows how to make showers explode, so watch out!
four, well we forgot our key for our house one day, it took me about 30 seconds to break in.... that explains the bikes!

Okay well I am just a home maker now!
Also small miracle this week for our lesson during Church 16 people came including investigators and member intergraters, Oh my word and so many people came to church! I love Church! I love investigators! I love this work so much!
Oh also parents sorry if there is a slight charge on the bank account, I guess because I had a few zits I was made an appointment for the doctor. I guess I was suseptible for infection. pshh well I hate the heath care system here! I was told If the gentil antibiotics didnt work that I might have to get a more powerfull AMOCILLICILIANXILINE (I made that up dont search it) and I would have to go in for the monthly blood testing, like no big deal! yeah honestly pray for my zits to go away! please!
I love you all so much If any of you need me to pray for your zits or anything I will!
I know this gospel is true
I love you all so much
Have courage have hope
You already have my love from Tahiti

Elder Moller

most of my district at the confrence
umm didnt think cakes like this exsisted here?