Monday, July 14, 2014

Taapuna is great

Hello everybody, Im sitting here enjoying (kinda) some strange tahitian tecno music haha today Elder Christensen said it is like tecno and hillbilly music put together, so thats fun! its National Day so theres that! Well to start out this week has been good we have started playing rugby every p-day and I have to admit although its touch all the large tahitians really motivate me to run just a bit faster haha. This week we have been doing some awesome work with all the inactives in our sector. I love how sometimes an invitation is all it takes to help people change. No this week was uneventfull as far a chickens and zits, but we fixed three baptims and we gave a ton of blessings. Just Great Missionary work, oh exciting news We has a stake activity where we bring all of our investigators to the temple and take tours of the garden, seven investigators came and we found two more because of it! hahaha they went though the visitor center and took every pamphlet every book of mormon every picture they could find. I was trying to get them our the door to go eat when they started asking for the pictures on the wall. I love that they just want things that remind them of jesus i guess. The best thing is I am best friends with one of my momi investogators and she doesnt know french so we just laugh together while we talk made up sign language trying to comunicate. throwing in tahitian words. I love my sector so much, Okay I just kinda rambled today I dont really have a story unless you want to hear about a rash or my ninja skills smashing the fastest massive spider with a peice of plastic. I will find a good story next week
love you all 
have a good week 
Elder Moller

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