Saturday, July 26, 2014

Service and centipedes

Hello every one who I love so much! this week was as busy as they get, basically there is a ton of work in Taapuna but I love it! finally my dear investigators Rosyline and William are ready and their baptism will be Saturday I have taught them every week since I got here and I am so happy to see them progress! so I just want to start by telling you about this service activity that we had, so it was at our bishops house last Saturday morning and I honestly has no idea what we were going to do, so hahaha my companion got picked to clean the pigs and I got picked to do the garden, I thought I was so lucky! so I get taken over to this jungle! and I was told to move all the pots over across the yard, but be carful centipedes live under the pots.... there were like 60 full pots in the midst of this jungle that I had to find, after I found a pot I have to move it with my foot to detect any centipede activity, because these things are so fast about five inches and if you get stung it's extremely painful, oh and they can jump! so I foraged in the forest looking for pots and hauling them across the yard all the while my companion is spraying little piglets with a hose. so that was fun I did see a centipede but no harm! (we chopped it up with a piece of metal) so that was fun service also I cut down a 30 foot tree with a rusty machete woo! that was fun! Also the good news is our house hasn't done any weird things, so I am happy about that! I think that was the excitement of our week, many lessons and many people to see! we also got some new rules from our new mission president, one is we get to go to the temple every few months! I'm so happy about that rule! the temple here is small but beautiful! we are so blessed to have a temple in our mission! last thought, chickens make some freakin weird noises, if there was a colony of raptors on the island I wouldn't be surprised! sorry that shouldn't be the last thought the last thought is how much I am blessed being here serving the people of Tahiti! I love the work I love the service I love how much I'm learning and how much I can see the little miracles every day! thank you every one for all the support I love you all!
I love you all
I hope your yard work is a little less stressful 
I pray for you 
From Tahiti
Elder Moller

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