Monday, July 28, 2014

Baptisms and Dead Pigs

This week was amazing; we had two baptisms (Roselyne and Willam) I have been teaching the two of them and their family since I got here! Their testimonies were so strong and they are so happy!

Our bishop’s family also butchered a pig, I just kept myself entertained playing with kids and naming organs soooo that was fun!

Also this week well, I was sitting on my bed at about 9:00pm reading the liahona and my companion decided to get up, And all of a sudden there is explosion on balks and squacks and feathers everywhere, oh my gosh I don’t even know how this Chicken got into our house! It had a freak out pooped and peed all over the room and flew down the hallway and out a gap in the wall... Thanks Chicken! Gave me a heart attack and make us clean up your poop! Okay whatever!

But this week will be great we are going to have a baptism and marriage! So I’m excited, they jokingly said that I would do a solo for their marriage hahaha funny right. Then I caught a glance at the final program "musical number: Elder Moller" Oh dear! So after that we might have a canceled marriage and baptism... wish me luck!

As you can see I had a lot of fun with all the Tahitian kids I love them even if they try to eat my tie! They tell me I smell good so they can be my friends!

Oh also an American family visited our ward this Sunday who were on vacation, I translated for them and after they asked me what fun stuff there is to do on Tahiti, I just laughed and said I have no idea I just preach the Gospel and clean up chicken poop! So that was nice until I had to explain to all my ward that they were not my family and it was not nice to be able to see and sit with my family at church, and I have a year and a half left on my mission. hahaha

This week was good, my advice for this week is enjoy the small things.  Find joy in the young in the old and in the handicapped.
Find joy in yourself if you cant find it in anything else!
But if you’re looking you will find it! I am finding joy in this work!
And I am finding my joy through service and love
Thank you all for being you
I love you all
Elder Moller

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