Monday, August 25, 2014

Billabong Pro. That's pretty cool

Hello All my family and my friends and the other people!
So this week was full of lessons and pretty normal stuff, we had a lot of family nights and visits with inactives, oh we got invited to eat at our members house that lives in the nice part of our sector, We never go in there because if a car passes the gate that doesn't live there or not invited the police come sooo. we dont go other then this last friday, oh my word The house was so pretty there was carpet and I saw stairs! okay it was kinda scary too I didnt know how to act, we ate chicken legs and we ate them with forks, it was so hard I am used to just shoving bagetts in my mouth, so here we are me and my companion fork deficit  we would accidently fling the meat off our plates and hurry and grab it before any one noticed hahaha it was so funny! okay well the big highlight is when we got promission to go the the Billibong Pro Surfing Championships today! We drove down to the opposite side of Tahiti and took a boat out to watch professional surfers on these massive waves! oh my gosh it was beautiful! well that was pretty neat! well that was our week I know this gospel is true! I know that I love this work! its better than Surfing! Thank you all for your prayers and your love, Have a good week and never eat chicken legs with forks!
Elder Moller

Monday, August 18, 2014


My Friends and Family
What a week this week has been, I told an Elder that I needed a little vacation and he just looked me in the eye and told me "you are in Tahiti what more to you want?" I guess I need a little reminder now and again! we were able to start this week great having up to 10 lessons a day, until Thursday, we had a Heiva activity for the Stake which consisted of massive drums and ukes, and Tahitian dances! our ward was assigned the cook islands for our dance, all the dances look the same to me, but anyway it was great. then Friday we had a mission conference with Elder Pearson of the 70, it was super good. I love being able to see all the missionaries of Tahiti. Then Saturday was alright, we got a call early in the morning informing us that one of my new converts had passed away that night, Fredrick had been a convert for about 4 months, I was able to teach him and his wife and his two kids. We were asked to help prepare his grave sight, which we did for about five hours that day. Then later that day we had a stake baptism, Three baptisms from Taapuna (my area) and two from another ward. Our mission president and Elder Pearson came to support the baptisms. I was asked to do the baptisms for Marie, a single mother who we have been teaching for about five months, I was nervous so do the baptisms in front of everyone for my first time but it went so well, After the baptism we stood in the water tears running down our cheeks because the spirit was so strong. Our second investigator was Sandra she started taking the lessons again with me and my companion after we watched the Joseph Smith movie together, She is the first of her whole family to leave the Adventist Church, but her testimony is so strong and the lord had his hand in her life. And the third investigator is Hinano, It was her marriage three weeks ago and she picked this saturday so her whole family could come, who are non-members. Her testimony was so strong and she thanked her mother who normaly smokes two packs a day, who didnt smoke at all, all day long just for her baptism. The spirit was so strong Saturday, I basically just was blinking out tears the whole time, I don't know how those tears got there! It was just a spirit filled day. But I know this gospel is true, I know everything we need in this life we can find though this gospel, I know that death is just the door to eternal life, And I am thankful for my Savior who opened that door for us. Im glad I have a testimony of the true gospel and that I can help others find the truth as well. thank you all for your love, I love you, I pray for you, I know this church is the true church of Jesus Christ, All it takes to know it is one prayer, If you search you will find.
Have a good week 
Love Elder Moller

Monday, August 11, 2014

Another marriage

This week was good we had another wedding, haha I promise were not crashing them! but it was super good! super simple just like the couple wanted, the bride made lots of the clothes and everything else was donated by the ward, but I loved it super small and sweet, me and my companion were able to be witnesses of their marrage so that was awesome, I got to sit in a fancy chair and sign a paper! yeah awesome! well basicaly all week were just a bunch of preperations for our baptisms this saturday! we have five coming up, and I hope they all will be ready! Im sorry this letter is rather short today but the work is busy in our area! and I'm doing well!!
thank you for your prayers and your love
Elder Moller

Monday, August 4, 2014

Coconuts and cake

Hello everybody
This week was fantastic partly because we had so many service opportunities also its because we had a wedding where I wasn’t being forced to eat by big Tahitian momi's! So I loved it! But we started this week out with a ton of lessons and a lot of visits with inactives, I just love being able to talk with everyone here, they are all so nice! Also this week we helped our ward do coconuts for the heava (a massive celebration)! And I never know that a coconut would be so much work, good grief! But it was fun! You can’t complain when you can just eat fresh coconut when you work! Also this week we helped prepare the marriage for one of our investigators and her boyfriend! We set up tables and chairs and blew up balloons (80 dollars worth) so that was a party, It was even better that we had millions of balloons and my investigator sat all the way on the other side of the room because she is scared of balloons! What! We should have made her blow them up, prepare for her wedding and overcome a fear! But we enjoyed doing it! IT was all worth it because the wedding was awesome, there was a cute little Tahitian band that followed them around all day playing guitars and Ukes, I could use a band like that every day! Life would be better! But the wedding cake was massive and we cut it all and put it on plates, (took a while) but the food was great, raw fish, and four calves, only the best!
Basically this week was really busy but it was great! I love this work, I love service
I love that no chickens have found there way into our house! Oh quick note: what is the point of turf, what? Its like soft looking grass with hidden sharp glass underneath! I fell just a tiny bit and welp I lost a knee! Just would like to caution everyone to wear elbow and knee pads if you play on turf okay! Its just like sin, it might look fun like grass but all it will do is make you spend 6 dollars on gauze!
I love you all, have a good week, Church is true
Elder Moller