Monday, August 25, 2014

Billabong Pro. That's pretty cool

Hello All my family and my friends and the other people!
So this week was full of lessons and pretty normal stuff, we had a lot of family nights and visits with inactives, oh we got invited to eat at our members house that lives in the nice part of our sector, We never go in there because if a car passes the gate that doesn't live there or not invited the police come sooo. we dont go other then this last friday, oh my word The house was so pretty there was carpet and I saw stairs! okay it was kinda scary too I didnt know how to act, we ate chicken legs and we ate them with forks, it was so hard I am used to just shoving bagetts in my mouth, so here we are me and my companion fork deficit  we would accidently fling the meat off our plates and hurry and grab it before any one noticed hahaha it was so funny! okay well the big highlight is when we got promission to go the the Billibong Pro Surfing Championships today! We drove down to the opposite side of Tahiti and took a boat out to watch professional surfers on these massive waves! oh my gosh it was beautiful! well that was pretty neat! well that was our week I know this gospel is true! I know that I love this work! its better than Surfing! Thank you all for your prayers and your love, Have a good week and never eat chicken legs with forks!
Elder Moller

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