Monday, September 1, 2014

I can't' ever think of what to put here

Hello my friends and family
So this week was good me and my companion as we keep busy up on our little mountain! This week we found some new investigators, an old Tongan couple! They don't know French so we do the lessons in English which is weird! But I think it was my favorite lesson we had all week! After we sat and looked at their family pictures we started teaching about the family, and it was going so good and the spirit was there  and they would stop us and say "I have a song" and then sing to us! Songs about prayer and Christ being next to us.
It was so great! So I sang for them "I'm a child of God" and they kept saying Amen thoughout the whole song! I loved it! Then we bore testimony and he told us how he loves talking to us because it gives him a warm feeling inside. It was a simple lesson and we had to speak slowly because its been almost 35 years since they have used it, but it was strong, He told me to tell my family that I found a new family here in Tahiti so.... sorry mom. and then we finished with dinner, orange juice, cheetos and peanuts. I know that it is by the small, easy, and pure truths that the spirit can really touch the hearts of the people you teach, And when you love them it makes it that much more sweet. Maybe its by the small and simple truths that we can have the great change in someones testimony! Our message is not complex its not confusing, I dont need to read off ten pages out of the bible to prove my point, all this truth requires is one pure, simple, prayer. Why would God make it hard? I love our message I know its true, I love this work, I love all of you!
(sorry I dont like that that rhymes but im just going to leave it)
Have a good week and know that I was freezing yesterday when it hit the artic tempreture of 70 degrees!
Oh dear! 
Love you all!
Elder Moller

I love you all so so much have a good week! transfer is coming up but i hear the news tonight soI'm  sorry about that I think im staying in TAAPUNA so thats fun! but I love the work my sector is just my little poverty in paradise!
have a good week and I love you all so so so so so so very much!
love you all 
Elder Moller

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