Monday, September 22, 2014

Same old same old #2

Same Old Same Old #2

Bonjour Everyone

I hope all is well wherever you are in the world, but things are going great here in Tahiti.  

This week was great we found some new investigators and we have started re teaching some that I haven’t seen in months.  

So I’m trying to think if anything new or exciting happened this week but I want to say that it was just a good week! We were able to go to the Temple again this week (second time since I’ve been here) it was great I love how the spirit is the same no matter where you are in the world! It’s the same love the same peace! 

Umm well I don’t think I have really any stories for this week but just know that I’m good and I love my mission, I love talking to people, I love helping people feel the love God has for them through our message, I love getting weird looks at the store, I love making necklaces with cute Tahitian grandmas that try to gossip with us (gossiping is bad, don’t do it) I love walking down mountains in the pouring rain and then investigators bringing us massive pieces of plastic to wrap ourselves in, I love awesome shirts that people give us, I don’t love forgetting that you washed your sheets and you never dried them at nine o’clock at night so you search for another blanket because you do not want to just sleep on your nasty mattress, and all you find is an emergency blanket (aka tinfoil made into a blanket) and you try to pretend that its cool and your going to sleep great but in all honesty you try and don’t sleep at all!

But I do love my mission I love the people here I love this work I love helping people change their lives I love helping people better understand who it was who suffered and died for them and why he did it! I love my mission, it’s hard but the work of salvation isn’t easy, it wasn’t easy for Christ, why would it be any different for us! I love my mission, because I can better understand the love my Savior had for me when he served his mission.

Elder Moller

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