Monday, September 29, 2014

One week since I looked at you

Hello everyone, I cant believe how fast weeks go here, they never went this fast during high school, whats up with that? 
So this week was super good we found a new investigator, her name is Sandra, she would be at our lessons with her neighbor and she was super nice so we invited her to take the lessons and she said yes, so we passed back past her house the next day and we had our first lesson, We started talking about the restoration and then we started talking about the Book of Mormon, I asked her if she had read it and all she said was "yes", so I was like "oh thats great, did you like it? did you get past the first few chapters?" yeah she got through the first few chapters, she has read the whole thing! she told us " yeah I know your church is true I tell my friends all the time." so we asked if she wants to join Christ's Church, she said she would like to, we asked whats stopping her, she reply's "nothing" I Found the Golden Investigator that I didnt think Existed!
So the next experience that I would like to share happened yesterday, we also started teaching a new investigator, her name is Miri, we had a lesson with her right after church, we started by bing a little dorky and saying that we have a magnificent gift for her, that she better like! and we gave her a Book of Mormon with our testimonies inside, she took it and set it in front of her and started crying, She then started to thank us and bore her testimony that she really believes that what we teach is true and that she knows that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.
It kind of took me and my companion by surprise, but it definitely brought the spirit into the lesson.
But later I wondered to myself why doesn't everyone cry when we give them Book of Mormon!
I'm for real! If we really understood the importance of the Book of Mormon! the sacrifices made, the faith it took it get the Book of Mormon in each of our hands, wouldn't we too cry!
The Importance of the Livre de Mormon is huge, every principle, doctrine, word, even letter in that book is for each one of us and our salvation after this life and happiness in this one!
I got a new perspective this week, and I hope I can help share that with you all today, If studying not just the Book of Mormon but the scriptures is not a part of your normal day to day activities, make it! because that is Answers, blessings, and guidance that you are chooseing not to receive
I know we have a Father in Heaven who truly loves us, no matter who we are, what we do, or where we are in the world, or in our lives. I know that we can seek his love and follow it. It will lead us to blessings and joy we never thought possible.
I want you to all know that I love you and I pray for you!
Keep up the Good work!
Love you all
Elder Moller

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