Monday, September 15, 2014

No Subject. :)

Well once again hello everyone! this week was good as normal! My new companion got here Elder Beck he is from Highland Utah and he is pretty neat! it's been fun to have a pair of new eyes in this sector! We have been teaching some awesome people and having some great lessons with Inactive's too! the not so fun news is our car is being used by some other Elders until next week! so we get to trek up and down our mountain a lot! luckily Tahitians are so nice that they stop and offer rides! it's super sweet! also this week we did another service project! it was so easy we sat in a members house with fans and juice making necklaces out of flowers! hahaha its not the most rugged and rough service project out there, in fact I kinda feel like I'm in some knitters club, but it's fun! I only jabbed my finger once! and not to brag or anything but I am one mean flower threader! watch out! haha so maybe we'll find a little more manly service next time, maybe not! Also this week a investigator I gave a book of Mormon to about 6 months ago came back, I talked to her right when I got here and now she is back, and talking about wanting to get baptized, super cool! also this week we talked to a lot of drunk people, well more like they talk to us, one ushered us down the street to make sure we would be safe, haha thanks drunk guy we can count on you! other than walking everywhere, drunk guys and my new companion life is pretty much the same here! great! I love this work I love seeing the changes in my life and the live's of my investigators and members! thank you for all the love! I'm so greatful for all the wonderful people God has placed in my life.
God can't change what he doesn't have, if you want to be changed for the better, give yourself to God.
Elder Moller

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