Monday, September 28, 2015

Goodbye Pamatai

This week has been so full of goodbyes and full of so much food.  Yesterday we ate at four, five, six and seven! I am dying! 
 This week was really fun and it started with a youth conference the stake invited us to.  We had around 100 kids and 12 missionaries for the "missionary day".  We gave formations and showed the kids how to prepare and what the mission life is like. Then we went and did door to door and each missionary took around 9 youth. We taught lessons and contacted people.  It was so much fun. After the conference we had so many youth tell us how much they want to go on missions, it was great!
Also we made one last Temple trip while I am here and we took five of our investigators and toured the gardens! And also this Saturday we had my last baptism at Pamatai! We taught this inactive family and they started coming back to church and we baptized their two kids this last Saturday. Now the dad is our assistant ward missionary leader. I love them so much! 
 We had a lot of last lessons and a lot of goodbyes, I made a lot of friends here and a ton of good memories! I will miss everyone here but I am so grateful for everything I learned. I hope to be able to incorporate everything I learned at Raroia.These last three months will fly by.
 I get my new companion tomorrow and we head out this Thursday morning. Ill let you all know how it goes and I send pictures next week because these computers are sketchy! I know this Gospel is true, I know God sent me here and I am thankful for the blessings he gave me!
Thank you all for the support and love

Elder Moller

PS – from letter to Dad (Kelly)
So I called the branch president at Raroia this week to see if everything was good for Thursday. He told be there are no leaders over there other than him and the primary president. So I will be helping him out and taking over when he comes to Tahiti. And the primary president is leaving in November so it cool! Don’t tell mom but we will normally be sleeping in the chapel because we don’t have a house, how funny is that! I think its fun. I already got a few references and stuff but it will be a really fun experience, my companion gets here tonight I think and I meet him tomorrow and we will just see some last families before I get on the plane Thursday morning! The stake president is having a going away party for me today and the ward is having a going away dinner Wednesday! I was well loved here! I will have a lot more to say next week but I love you!

Everyone and their dog tells me about mom and about how much she loved pictures of me. haha my companions love her. They laugh all the time, random people I have met like once come up to me saying that they need a picture for my mom! Its like she is here, hahaha It will be a little harder for her to track me down at Raroia
Love you

Elder Moller

Monday, September 21, 2015


We heard a bit from Elder Moller and he will be transferring in a week or so (likely heading out on Oct 1st).  He will be training a new missionary (they arrive on the 29th), (re)opening a new area, and will be a member of the branch presidency.  A lot of change.  He is going to the small atoll of Raroia and there are about 233 people there.  We will find out more later if his area is more than just this atoll.  For those history buffs out there Raroia is where Thor Heyerdahl landed Kon Tiki after proving it was possible to build a boat and sail from So. America to Polynesia.

Thanks to all for your support.


As much as I have loved serving in Faa'a, and even though I had a really good 7 months of my mission here, I'm getting transfered. I will be training a new missionary at Raroia. So yeah this will be a really fun end of my mission!  The island has been closed for a while because we haven't had enough missionaries to cover the smaller islands so we will be opening the island at the same time! I heard there are about 200 people that live there so we will see how fast I can contact them all! My companion gets here the 28th and we will be leaving probably the 1st of october! I am super excited for this step of my mission (maybe my last) but at the same time I am sad to leave my Pamatai area! We had some good work here and its going to keep being awesome with all the baptisms we have coming up next month! Luckily I will be here for a last baptism this Saturday! 

I know that this work is true! and I know that God loves and cares for each of his children no matter where they are in the world! I know that this gospel is true and I will continue to try and help as many people as I can receive the same truths. 

I am starting to get all my stuff in bags and I am really "moved in" and it’s getting kinda hard to find all my stuff and get it into my suitcases. My companion is being really patient with all the things around the room. I'll let you all know about all the preparations next week! Pray for me, pray for my next companion, and pray for my new area!

Thank you for all the support and love
Weird to think this is my last area
weird to think this is my last companion
I love my mission

Elder Moller

Monday, September 14, 2015

What a Week

So this morning we had a zumba activity with all the missionaries in the zone, taught by an older Tahitian missionary sister in her 50's and oh my goodness. I thought zumba was just like dancing in place.  I have never sweat so much! I now understand why when I told the missionaries that we were doing zumba with Sr. Hauata they just looked at me with big eyes and said "good luck". She knows how to work out! 
 This week was full of excitement as we had multiple meetings with President Bize, and we talked about where I might be going the next transfer which will be here in two weeks! I love my area so much but I am excited to see where I will be finishing my mission.
 Yesterday I was able to go and see the old stake I served in because we went and sang again with about 50 missionaries. I was so happy to see my converts still there and see some of my old investigators now members! And tonight we are going to a park by the beach to have a lesson with about 30 young adults and their friends.  It’s going to be awesome!
 I have come to find out that God has many tools but they're never ready, never perfect, very broken. But that’s all he has.  All God asks is for his tools to have a desire, a desire to work and to be worked. And God will fix his tools, repair the scratches and refine the edges to make his tools fit for the job he has for them.  Making them ready, and making them perfect. God has a work to do and he has many tools. He gets the job done with the tools who trust, who follow, who listen. Out of the many tools available God uses the tools that submit and with them his work gets done. But the tools who don’t do the work, are the tools that don’t get worked on.
I know that God strengthens people when we put our lives in his hands. To do it is not a sacrifice at all but a benefit for you and for everyone that God puts in your life. 
 God will accomplish his work, but God refines you when you let him have you do the work.
 I love this Gospel
I try my best

Zumba changes lives!

I love you all

Elder Moller 

(This is a bit more from Elder Moller that was sent to Dar and I.   – Kelly)
 I had a reunion with president this week and he told me I will be getting transferred in 1-2 weeks, and he showed me a couple of islands "logic" told him to put me on but he hasn’t prayed about it yet so he doesn’t know! Maybe I’ll be helping in a branch presidency, while I train. So many possibilities!!! Maybe I will stay in the big city!

 We also have a ton of baptisms fixed in the ward and we are trying to retain them all.  I am hoping I can see at least on of them before I go.  We have 9 fixed. I hope to have received a call next week but we will see.  I honestly think the calls will come the week after. But I just wanted to let you guys know. It’s actually quite rare for a missionary to stay in a area for 7 months and I will have done it twice now. I’m almost at 100 days left.

Love you

Elder Moller

Monday, September 7, 2015

I Don't Labor That Much on PDay

This week marks two years since I got my mission call! I’ll always remember it because Labor Day made me wait a whole extra day.  Oh well, it was worth the wait!!!
Also this week we had the 100th convert baptism in the stake for 2015! The Faa'a Stake is the Best!!! The church is true! 
 Every morning this week I get a report of everything I do the previous night! I am happy to report that the 24-hour a day lessons are still going strong! Last night my companion saw me sitting up in my bed just blabbling as if I was talking to him, and he says, "are you sure?" and I guess I got mad at him for questioning my blabbing. I think is funny! Other than that everything is going great for the area!
 We are still planning our big open house for the 26th and I really hope I will be there because that is the week of the transfer and I honestly have no idea what’s going to happen!
 This week our ward is having a question answer with Elder Sinjoux (Area 70) for all of our investigators. I am really excited. The Gospel changes lives! I know that this Gospel is true and I know that this is God’s work. I have learned that there are never coincidences, just miracles. And that obedience is worth it every time. I love you all and I pray for you.

Elder Moller