Monday, February 23, 2015

into The Big City

Into the Big City

Well I made it in one piece! Said my goodbyes to my little island family.  Got on the plane and flew to Tahiti.  So I serve in Faaa at Pamatai its pretty legit, but I miss the ocean and the view, but its good here because we got our 4x4 and a big house with a bathroom door and everything! And hot water! Oh it’s so nice! So this area is just right in the middle of roads and cars and city but I really like the ward they’re really sweet! My old mission president lives in this ward so that’s cool too! I don’t know what else to say.  I haven’t even taken any pictures this week because there is nothing to take a picture of, maybe next week! But I was happy to be able to fix a baptism just before I left! So now we will see how it goes here! Wish me luck, there’s a lot of work to do! Sorry I don’t have a ton of time this week but I’ll talk to you all next week, I love you all so much!

Elder Moller

Monday, February 16, 2015

Leaving Paradise

Leaving Paradise

As I am sitting in our little office at the church eating the baby food that I bought, thinking it would be like apple sauce, but really tasting like sour plums, but eating it anyway because it was expensive, I have a ton running though my head, of all that happened this week!

As you probably could tell by the heading, I’m getting shipped off! Back from where I came, Tahiti. I’m heading to Fa'a'a. If you’re wondering, it’s right next to Puna'auia, my old zone and it borders Papeete! And the ward is Pamatai.  To be honest I’m super sad to leave here but I have always liked it in the city, so it’s all good! 

But this week was so great we had two baptisms, Vaihere and her son Vaiarii! The spirit was so strong, and I was happy to leave this sector so much better than when I found it! Also today we were able to fix another baptism for this month with another investigator Tera, and with her Bridgette and Taimarii. My companion should be pretty busy these next few weeks!! But I’m so happy with the work we were able to do here at Tahaa! 

So I’ll be heading off Wednesday, by cars, boats and planes! Ask me if I’m done packing because I do not want to admit that its me going! I’ve learned so much here and If it were up to be I would stay but I’m not here for me, and there is someone who I can help in the big/little city of Fa'a'a! Ill never forget these people! This Island! And all the experiences that continue to shape who I am today! 

Tahaa, Island of Vanilla, crabs, bike problems, and so much rain!! Ill be back! And when I come back I’m not buying this nasty baby food again, doesn’t taste anything like applesauce!

Love you all; pray for me as I pray for you!

Oh and my next companion, another Frenchman.
Elder Doit.

Love you all!!

Elder Moller

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Sunburn ….Again.
Hello, sorry I’m a little later than usual.  It’s hard to get to a computer when you are on a different island. But I’m here! This week was great.  We were able to do a questionnaire/sondage with all of our ward.  So me and my companion and the ward split up to go do a massive contacting day! It was awesome. The members can do so much for us! And we got a ton of contacts! Also this week we had a wedding! With a couple that we have been teaching since I got here! There was so much food and so many investigators! It was so fun, we’re on plan for her baptism this Saturday! Also I got my Christmas package! Thank you family! And of course we had another activity! We went to a little island to play beach volleyball with all the missionaries in the zone! It was the best! I love private island volleyball games in the rain.  Best p-day activity ever! 
Have fun this week.  Remember the importance of members in this work! It’s not hard!
I love you all so much, find joy in the small things! The big things don’t come around to often!
Have a good week!

Elder Moller

Monday, February 2, 2015

It's Now February

It’s Now February

This week was so great.  We had a huge meeting last week in our ward and we asked the members to come with us for our lessons.  So this week we were in such a rush going to lesson to lesson with different members, but it was so great! The Spirit is so strong when a member is there.  

I regret not going out that much before my mission, and when I say not much, I mean ever! I was so scared hahaha, but it’s not that scary when the Spirit is there.  It’s like a really really high water slide.  You think it is way to scary and you will never do it, but if you try it you see that it is really fun.  And the best part is in missionary work you don’t get waterslide wedgies! So it’s a win win! So I would like to tell everyone that it will change your life! 

Also, this week we rode our bikes and I fell in the mud a little and chased puppies and ate fish.  Basically I’m trying to say that this week has been exactly the same! The work is good, the sun is good and I am good.  Thank you for all the prayers and love!

I love you all so much! I gave two years to serve my Heavenly Father and my massive family here on earth.  I realized this week, that all we want in our life is a happy family! That’s why I’m here to help families be happy now and forever!  Love you all.

If you’re not happy be happy! It’s a choice, a choice my mother taught me to recognize!  So chose it.  It’s the difference between just enduring the walk of life or enjoying the adventure God gave us!

Have a good week!

Elder Moller