Monday, November 24, 2014

Was it Thanksgiving?

I don’t even remember if I missed Thanksgiving, no one reminds me of these types of things here! I think I ate a package of Ramen noodles! After being drenched in rain after forty-five minutes of bike riding, I was practically in the Ocean riding my bike, I think I might have been swimming, it rained so hard! My poor gospel picture book took the consequences! Happy Thanksgiving to me! Well any way in other news this week was great we were.... I’m going to be honest, I kinda forgot this week. I looked at my pictures to try to help me and all I have is me taking picture next to a pig Hahaha soooo I did that! It was fun! Oh yeah we had our first Sondage, its where the members go out and find investigators for us, kinda like a questionnaire! It was so great we got so many references and the members loved it so much! So I was so happy, still am! Also one of our dinner appointments was a surprise birthday party! That was exciting! I love food and good surprises! And crab! A bunch of members know I love crab so my life is complete! Ohhhhhh I remember something I blocked it out of my mind! Hahaha we did a service project this week in the junglest of jungles! And we arrive there with our cute little member who I think is about 70 years old and our service was to go into a field and dig holes! Hahahaha oh my gosh me and my companion dug these massive holes for three and a half hours in the noon day sun hahaha I think I was in the movie holes! Well anyway I was dying of thirst and I did not trust little rusty pipe sticking out of the ground to give me disease free water so I scavenged a coconut with all my might and I found one! And my survival instincts told me to throw it on this conveniently placed rebar sticking out of the ground! Well all in all it worked and my life was saved! So basically I’m ready for survivor man after my mission! And am disease free!

So that was my week! I didn’t get no Turkey but I did find some blisters on my legs from my sunburn last week hahahaha oops!

Remember if you decide to teach a lesson under a tree, there are sure to be Evil Chickens thinking they need to be up there! And they think its funny to do a little poop on the people below! Luckily for me I know what those Chickens want to do and I was keeping my eye on him the whole lesson! His poop missed me by a foot! hahaha one point Elder Moller!

Remember also that I love you all I may have forgot about Thanksgiving but I’m thankful for you all! 
I love what I do and I am thankful for all that God does for us!
I’m thankful for prayer
I’m thankful for your love
I’m thankful for coconuts
I’m thankful for this Gospel

Elder Moller

Monday, November 17, 2014

Time for email

Hello every one I have to do a quick email because we are just plum running out of time. This week we hit some struggles, we had a family who was progressing towards baptism and their marrage tell us that they wanted to stop seeing us. They are having a lot of problems right now in their family, I wish they could continue in the one thing that could help them the most. But were moving along! Im so late today because we had an activity with the whole zone on the island over and we had to take a boat to come back, well anyway it took some time. For our activity we went to a Motu (a little island by the Reef) it was super fun it was a little missionary island for the day! and we played volleyball and took pictures! But all in all I am well! my bike is well and the area is well! The horrible but amazing thing about our Gospel is how much you can see the opposition, it makes it so hard but it is such a testimony builder at the same time! This week was good but I hope this next week will  be a little better :)
Thank you all for the support and the love!
know I love you all!
keep being strong! 
keep being you!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hawiki Nui

This week was Great! We continued to have a ton of lessons and we were able to fix four baptisms this week! We are really being blessed in our work! I'll start with my bike problems today! Yesterday I had a invisible hole in my tire, it disappears and when I put the tire back on my bike it's flat! So I borrowed the neighbours bike, it's a massive thing with one gear and a huge baby seat thing attached to the back! Hahaha every time I saw my shadow I laughed so hard! So I was rockin it yesterday singing " we will all press on in the work of The Lord" no matter what bike you ride! So anyway also this week was the worldwide ramming competition the Hawiki Nui, it is right in our sector, so there were 100 or so Va'a (Tahitian canoes) racing from Tahaa to bora bora so we saw a bit of it and it was so cool! It's better to be preaching the gospel on an massive bike! Well anyway like I was saying God has been really blessing us, find, and teach! We are seeing such great progress in this work! This sector wasn't doing so hot when I got here, who knew all it needed was a a missionary who falls in the mud and laughs at his own shadow! But I can say we're not alone in the work some one asked me this week "is it easy for you to say I love you" hahahahaha gosh it's beyond easy! If I love someone say it dang it! And coming from my family I learned well! So I told them all I love them right then in every language I know! And then I did it again Sunday when I gave a talk. Say it and show it! And right now I love my Heavenly Father, my family and all of you! That is why I am here on my mission because I want to bless my Tahitian family here in Tahiti and I want to be a better person for you all when I get home! But I'm also here to show God I love him and I want to give him my all! Show you love through service! I could ramble on that forever! But know that I love you and that I may have spent to long today looking for shells (hahaha I know Elder Moller choose that p day activity) and now Elder Mollers Dainty white legs are a shade of very cherry red! But he still loves you all and he did not run over a poor helpless crab this week, and yes I did ask for sunscreen but all they had was tanning oil! I'll send so many pictures next week! But I love you! God loves you! I pray for you all! 
Okay have a good week my family and my friends!

Elder Moller

Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm not a bike person

So all is well here, this week was great. We had many lessons and we are in the process of recontacting old investigators, normaly in a area there is a book that has information about the area and the ward, when I got to my area we had Five, aint nobody got time for that! so there were a bunch of names from years and years ago that were trying to find! but the great thing is were finding all these people and we're restarting teaching a bunch of them. also this week I heard that a cyclone was coming, i don't know what that means they told me it would be here in December, that is a slow cyclone! so I still dont know what that means but I but a lot of canned goods anyway to last me through the weather! also I have fallen so many times this week, I am not very coordinated anyway on a bike but when you make me ride through muddy mountain trails! I had to leap off my bike a few times to save myself from falling in massive mud puddles! and when I do that my shoes fly off! so i wade though mud in my socks to find my shoes hahahaha it is just sooooooo fun! but I did get a little excited today and I started running down a hill and I ended up riding down the hill on my butt! hahaha good thing I have a butt of steal after getting over my bike butt! But my legs don't hurt anymore I guess I had my seat too low hahaha I'm just not a bike person I popped my tires about three times this week! so i ended up putting somewhere around eight patches on my tire because the air kept escaping out. didn't work so I found a new tire tube, my companion asked if it was the right size, I told him "yup all bike tires are the same" well they should be! after i shoved a huge tire tube into my little tire and pumped it up really a lot! it worked for a few hours! until it popped and the tire tube came out as i was walking home and wrapped around the frame of my bike, so I ended up carrying my bike home. then I had to go to the store and buy a tube that fit my tire! I'm dumb I know but look at all this stuff I'm Learning! God is humbling me though my bike! but I'm not a bike person. I think all missionaries should ride unicycles so that we only have one tire to fix! or pogo sticks, there has to be a better way! I promise we taught a lot too! and I got a lot of good workout opportunities this week! but I wouldn't be here and I sure wouldn't be happy still If i didnt know that this gospel was true! I'll carry my bike all the way around this island if I have to! I'm just happy I'm here helping people because this message is what brings happiness into my life! I might be really dumb when it comes to bikes but I have a testimony that this Gospel is true! Why else would I be here!

I love you all so much learn somthing from me today
put your bike seats high, bike tire tubes do come in different sizes and if you see an innocent crab on the road don't pretend to be funny and act like your going to run over it, because just maybe it's a suicidal  crab and he will run at you and you will run over him, and you will feel bad the rest of your life!

Elder Moller