Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm not a bike person

So all is well here, this week was great. We had many lessons and we are in the process of recontacting old investigators, normaly in a area there is a book that has information about the area and the ward, when I got to my area we had Five, aint nobody got time for that! so there were a bunch of names from years and years ago that were trying to find! but the great thing is were finding all these people and we're restarting teaching a bunch of them. also this week I heard that a cyclone was coming, i don't know what that means they told me it would be here in December, that is a slow cyclone! so I still dont know what that means but I but a lot of canned goods anyway to last me through the weather! also I have fallen so many times this week, I am not very coordinated anyway on a bike but when you make me ride through muddy mountain trails! I had to leap off my bike a few times to save myself from falling in massive mud puddles! and when I do that my shoes fly off! so i wade though mud in my socks to find my shoes hahahaha it is just sooooooo fun! but I did get a little excited today and I started running down a hill and I ended up riding down the hill on my butt! hahaha good thing I have a butt of steal after getting over my bike butt! But my legs don't hurt anymore I guess I had my seat too low hahaha I'm just not a bike person I popped my tires about three times this week! so i ended up putting somewhere around eight patches on my tire because the air kept escaping out. didn't work so I found a new tire tube, my companion asked if it was the right size, I told him "yup all bike tires are the same" well they should be! after i shoved a huge tire tube into my little tire and pumped it up really a lot! it worked for a few hours! until it popped and the tire tube came out as i was walking home and wrapped around the frame of my bike, so I ended up carrying my bike home. then I had to go to the store and buy a tube that fit my tire! I'm dumb I know but look at all this stuff I'm Learning! God is humbling me though my bike! but I'm not a bike person. I think all missionaries should ride unicycles so that we only have one tire to fix! or pogo sticks, there has to be a better way! I promise we taught a lot too! and I got a lot of good workout opportunities this week! but I wouldn't be here and I sure wouldn't be happy still If i didnt know that this gospel was true! I'll carry my bike all the way around this island if I have to! I'm just happy I'm here helping people because this message is what brings happiness into my life! I might be really dumb when it comes to bikes but I have a testimony that this Gospel is true! Why else would I be here!

I love you all so much learn somthing from me today
put your bike seats high, bike tire tubes do come in different sizes and if you see an innocent crab on the road don't pretend to be funny and act like your going to run over it, because just maybe it's a suicidal  crab and he will run at you and you will run over him, and you will feel bad the rest of your life!

Elder Moller

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