Monday, November 17, 2014

Time for email

Hello every one I have to do a quick email because we are just plum running out of time. This week we hit some struggles, we had a family who was progressing towards baptism and their marrage tell us that they wanted to stop seeing us. They are having a lot of problems right now in their family, I wish they could continue in the one thing that could help them the most. But were moving along! Im so late today because we had an activity with the whole zone on the island over and we had to take a boat to come back, well anyway it took some time. For our activity we went to a Motu (a little island by the Reef) it was super fun it was a little missionary island for the day! and we played volleyball and took pictures! But all in all I am well! my bike is well and the area is well! The horrible but amazing thing about our Gospel is how much you can see the opposition, it makes it so hard but it is such a testimony builder at the same time! This week was good but I hope this next week will  be a little better :)
Thank you all for the support and the love!
know I love you all!
keep being strong! 
keep being you!

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