Monday, November 10, 2014

Hawiki Nui

This week was Great! We continued to have a ton of lessons and we were able to fix four baptisms this week! We are really being blessed in our work! I'll start with my bike problems today! Yesterday I had a invisible hole in my tire, it disappears and when I put the tire back on my bike it's flat! So I borrowed the neighbours bike, it's a massive thing with one gear and a huge baby seat thing attached to the back! Hahaha every time I saw my shadow I laughed so hard! So I was rockin it yesterday singing " we will all press on in the work of The Lord" no matter what bike you ride! So anyway also this week was the worldwide ramming competition the Hawiki Nui, it is right in our sector, so there were 100 or so Va'a (Tahitian canoes) racing from Tahaa to bora bora so we saw a bit of it and it was so cool! It's better to be preaching the gospel on an massive bike! Well anyway like I was saying God has been really blessing us, find, and teach! We are seeing such great progress in this work! This sector wasn't doing so hot when I got here, who knew all it needed was a a missionary who falls in the mud and laughs at his own shadow! But I can say we're not alone in the work some one asked me this week "is it easy for you to say I love you" hahahahaha gosh it's beyond easy! If I love someone say it dang it! And coming from my family I learned well! So I told them all I love them right then in every language I know! And then I did it again Sunday when I gave a talk. Say it and show it! And right now I love my Heavenly Father, my family and all of you! That is why I am here on my mission because I want to bless my Tahitian family here in Tahiti and I want to be a better person for you all when I get home! But I'm also here to show God I love him and I want to give him my all! Show you love through service! I could ramble on that forever! But know that I love you and that I may have spent to long today looking for shells (hahaha I know Elder Moller choose that p day activity) and now Elder Mollers Dainty white legs are a shade of very cherry red! But he still loves you all and he did not run over a poor helpless crab this week, and yes I did ask for sunscreen but all they had was tanning oil! I'll send so many pictures next week! But I love you! God loves you! I pray for you all! 
Okay have a good week my family and my friends!

Elder Moller

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