Monday, November 24, 2014

Was it Thanksgiving?

I don’t even remember if I missed Thanksgiving, no one reminds me of these types of things here! I think I ate a package of Ramen noodles! After being drenched in rain after forty-five minutes of bike riding, I was practically in the Ocean riding my bike, I think I might have been swimming, it rained so hard! My poor gospel picture book took the consequences! Happy Thanksgiving to me! Well any way in other news this week was great we were.... I’m going to be honest, I kinda forgot this week. I looked at my pictures to try to help me and all I have is me taking picture next to a pig Hahaha soooo I did that! It was fun! Oh yeah we had our first Sondage, its where the members go out and find investigators for us, kinda like a questionnaire! It was so great we got so many references and the members loved it so much! So I was so happy, still am! Also one of our dinner appointments was a surprise birthday party! That was exciting! I love food and good surprises! And crab! A bunch of members know I love crab so my life is complete! Ohhhhhh I remember something I blocked it out of my mind! Hahaha we did a service project this week in the junglest of jungles! And we arrive there with our cute little member who I think is about 70 years old and our service was to go into a field and dig holes! Hahahaha oh my gosh me and my companion dug these massive holes for three and a half hours in the noon day sun hahaha I think I was in the movie holes! Well anyway I was dying of thirst and I did not trust little rusty pipe sticking out of the ground to give me disease free water so I scavenged a coconut with all my might and I found one! And my survival instincts told me to throw it on this conveniently placed rebar sticking out of the ground! Well all in all it worked and my life was saved! So basically I’m ready for survivor man after my mission! And am disease free!

So that was my week! I didn’t get no Turkey but I did find some blisters on my legs from my sunburn last week hahahaha oops!

Remember if you decide to teach a lesson under a tree, there are sure to be Evil Chickens thinking they need to be up there! And they think its funny to do a little poop on the people below! Luckily for me I know what those Chickens want to do and I was keeping my eye on him the whole lesson! His poop missed me by a foot! hahaha one point Elder Moller!

Remember also that I love you all I may have forgot about Thanksgiving but I’m thankful for you all! 
I love what I do and I am thankful for all that God does for us!
I’m thankful for prayer
I’m thankful for your love
I’m thankful for coconuts
I’m thankful for this Gospel

Elder Moller

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