Monday, December 1, 2014

It Was Thanksgiving

Well this week was good!

I would like to wish everyone a happy Turkey Day.  I ate Chicken but its all pretty much the same thing. Also this week we had another service project! It was kinda fun hahaha we weeded and covered cow poop with dirt hahahaha I guess it doesn't sound fun but it was fun.  But the really fun part was after, the guy who owns the land took us into the forest, oh goodness it was so cool it was like a small version of Tarzan. There were vines we could swing on and mud that I slipped on. Me...Elder Moller. Well anyway we get to this massive pile of rocks and he tells us it was where the Tahitians used to sacrifice people! wow! is was kinda scary but really cool too! Also today for pday we visited a pearl shop. Soooo expensive I almost pooped! I asked what the most expensive thing was! a necklace 41,000 dollars! oh my goodness!! I died! Plastic is better. It all looks the same! and if you buy pearls don't give them to pigs well because that's what we learn in the bible! sooo all in all I'm doing well, I'm happy to be here and It's  weird am almost half way there! where does the time go! 

I love this work, I love Tahaa, I love helping people
I love all of you, Keep being happy!
And remember its not about pearls it about the things we can carry with us after this life!
So have a happy first week of December and make some good memories and friendships!
love you all

Elder Moller
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