Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy Happy December

Happy, Happy December

Well this has to be a really short letter today! But this week was great we had many lessons, and we are preparing for our two baptisms that will be on the 20th, we are just busy bees! But my companion and me have really seen some miracles this week that come from following the Spirit! I know this Gospel is true, I know that our message is for everyone! I know no matter who you are God knows you and he loves you! I have seen that in this work! I have seen the importance of my mission. I thought I was going to change others lives but it’s my life that changed. Changes are never easy but this is a change I will be forever grateful I made, and the best/scary part is I’m only half way there. I have a testimony that when we make a difference in someone else’s life, God makes a change in our life! I hope you all can remember that this Holiday season because frankly I have to keep reminding myself its almost Christmas, you wouldn’t think it here! I did have a little Christmas chocolate countdown to help remind me but I told you changes are not easy and Elder Moller ate days 8 until 24 a few days ago! Well anyway I’m never buying one of those again! And I got off track again! Well I love you all!!! Have a good week!!! 

You’re all the best
Remember that

Elder Moller

These are some questions that Elder Moller answered for me – Dad/Kelly


Honestly the people are super nice here too!! I hate house to house it is not effective so when I want new investigators I just talk to everyone I see and sometimes all I have to say is "have you ever talked to the missionaries" response "no" is there a time we can come visit you response "sure" of course you need to follow the Spirit but it is not hard for me to make investigators, president already labeled me as a "finder missionary" sooo that’s cool I guess! We do have member help finding investigators and that helps a lot! There are a ton of inactives in this mission not because of their testimony but because of their way of life "island life". 

I rarely speak English with Elder Escoffre from Toulouse. We teach mostly in French but it depends its a mix of the two, I speak as much Tahitian as I want, not horribly a lot but I want to change that. Church is mostly in Tahitian and that helps me understand because in Tahiti it was not like that! Monsoon season just started and the worst hits at the end of the month, I think it goes until March hahaha The raincoat in helps a little bit! 

Elder Moller
umm this is the only picture i took this week
its a pig jaw that a member gave me this week

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