Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year Time

Well I have a lot to tell you all today, at least I feel that way!
 So I will start with our Baptisms, on the 20th we had Heifara's baptism.  It was great, her brother baptized her and we were so happy for them!
Then on the 24th was Moerani's baptism I gave a little talk just before the baptism and I don’t really remember who started crying, but all I remember is I was just sobbing as I was giving this talk and she was down on the front row doing the same thing! Gosh I know it was me who started crying! But after her husband baptized her! She bore her testimony, and then we were crying again! haha ahhhh! 
 Then was Christmas! I got to talk to my family who I love so much, I was a little glad we speak English because no can understand us, but when my companion got on Skype his family started asking questions like "Do they understand French?".  Made the lady who’s house we were staying at a little upset, she kept saying to herself "We are civilized" I just nodded my head.
 Just after Skype we were able to visit a Protestant baptism. It was good to see a little bit what investigators feel like when they come to our church, but I had no idea what I was doing! Stand up, sit down, sing really loud, stand up, invited to take sacrament, no thank you, baby baptism, I was instructed to take pictures, hahaha me and my companion were the baby baptism photographers! There were so many babies! And then a prayer that everyone said at the same time, then we do the Biz with the pastor and then we go home! And now I know just a little bit more. It was a testimony strengthening experience! hahaha Merry Christmas to me!
 And then my bike caught a sickness again, aiiee iaaahh, my bike, we can say Exploded!, it exploded! The silly tire flew out of his little home and exploded like a firecracker! So the next day I found some duct tape and I fixed him up all nice we but tire tube in place and we pump him up, there was a whole in the outer rubber tire, and the tube ever so slowly crept out, my companion was taking a picture and then it flew at him and exploded again! Hahahaha My bike is so sick! But really I am so sick of my bike! Give me a boat! Well anyway a side from my bike I had a wall rounded Christmas this year!
 Happy New Year one and all! 
Love you all!

 Love Elder Moller
 Bonus Story
Sooooo one day my fan died!! Died, Elder Moller Can not sleep if he doesn’t have his fan so I went to the store on my bike, and bought a fan! My companion asked me "great how you going to get that home"
I looked him in the eye and I said 'oh you watch" If there is a will there is a way! I rode my bike though the middle of town with my fan! I’ve got no shame! And I have slept like a baby ever since. You better believe that that fan is saying with me until I finish my mission!

Elder Moller

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