Monday, July 27, 2015

25th of July

This week we got the blessing of having 9 baptisms in our ward. The stress and sweat is only half way over. I decided I would give a little overview of all the people that were baptized this week just to show how the Gospel blesses every person and changes lives.
Miriama: She is my best friend! She is 75 years old and I have been teaching her for 5 months! Miriama has got the sweetest heart and decided to get baptized a month ago after getting permission from all 8 of her children she took her steps towards Christ! She has a rock solid testimony and stays up until 2 o’clock in the morning to read her bible and Gospel Principals book!
Teaching in Tahitian was not easy but for her it was worth it.

Kimson: Kimson is 14, and he saw how much the Gospel blessed and changed his aunt who has been a member for about a year.  She gave up a life of drinking and partying for her baptism. He went up to her and asked to talk to the missionaries so he could have the same changes! He is now the only member of his direct family and the image of him and his mom crying after his baptism is something I will not forget and proof that his example is already spreading.

Matehou: Matehou is the best! He is 11 and his mom is a Jehovah Witness and his dad Protestant. Like Kimson he saw a change in his cousin because she joined the church, but he really wanted to talk with the missionaries so he could know how not to be like his older brother, who is often in drugs and never seems happy. He moved in with his aunt so he could have a better home life and took the decision to be baptized even if his family didn’t support him; his biggest dream is to go on a mission.

Desiree: Her conversion changed my life! We started the lessons about a month ago and taught about prayer and the importance in asking God if our message is true. The following fast Sunday she went up to the podium and told everyone she was ready to be baptized because God answered her prayer, she fasted several times by herself to stop smoking and stopped in one day! She also has been sharing the gospel with her family and got married last Friday. Her new husband stopped smoking drugs so he could baptize his wife. Only two brothers of Desirees family came to the wedding, her own son was not allowed to go because the uncle that takes care of him wouldn’t allow it. But you couldn’t tell because she was so happy to finally see progress in her life. Already her testimony at church resulted in our baptism last week.

Medrick: An Ex-con who also has changed his ways has been waiting for over a year to be baptized in the church he has known was true for so long. He had been praying, reading, and repenting everyday until he was finally proved ready to be baptized and be washed of his past, his biggest wish is to be sealed to his family for time and all eternity.

Manutahi: Manutahi is Medericks adopted son who started lessons with the missionaries this month, has seen the changes in his family and though several experiences knows the church is true he as well is preparing for their family sealing in a year.

Tehani: Tehani is our nine-year-old best friend! Unlike the others her family are members but inactive, they have been inactive most her life and though her example the whole family has been praying reading and coming to church each week! She is an example in a whole different way!

Teva: I have been teaching Teva for 6 months, he has been hard into drugs and bad examples! He was really touched by the changed he saw in his sister-in-law, Desiree. And decided that after all the many failed attempts it was possible to change! He finally got the desire to change! And he did it!! He stopped completely and after the fast him and his wife did together they had the strength to continue. As they were announcing Desiree’s baptism at church I leaned over and asked if he would like to get baptized the same day, his answer "yeah, yeah I would". The two couples will be sealed on the same day next year.

Raitini: I taught Raitinis brother Ricky before he moved back to Tahaa to get baptized, and the day Ricky left we started the lessons with Raitini, with no family support he decided to fix his baptism, I have never seen so much faith on my whole mission, he knew the Book of Mormon was true and with his testimony he did all that was necessary to come unto Christ. He is my brother and my example.

I would just like to add how important it is to be an example. Timothy 4:12 " 12. Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity." These miracles came from the example of Christ and the examples of members.
And also verse 15 "15. Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all." 
When you give yourself away in service and in love. The blessings and changes that come are an example unto all, that incites others to do the same thing. I know that the profiting of the Gospel will appear to all when we live and respect the principles the gospel teaches us.

I testify that each and every one of my close friends knew of the profiting and truthfulness of the Gospel though prayer. I don’t convert people; I help people know where to turn when they have questions.

Hosea 12:6 "Therefore turn thou to thy God: keep mercy and judgment, and wait on thy God continually."

Psalms 66:20 "Blessed be God, which hath not turned away my prayer, nor his mercy from me."

Elder Moller

Monday, July 20, 2015

Stress is good

The baptism was super good this last Saturday!!!!! Heimana Burns was baptized by my old mission president (Sinjoux)/ new member of the Seventy! So it was Awesome! He had been taking the lessons for about 4 years and while we have taught him he quit drinking and we finally helped him make the necessary preparations for him baptism! Now in a year he will be sealed with his wife and son! 

So this Tuesday and Saturday we have some more baptisms! I’m not sure how many yet, but its really stressing me out! I’ll let you all know next week! Also, this week honestly has been one of the most stressful weeks and this next week will be better..... But it’s all fine because these might be some of my last baptisms in this sector we will see! 

I love the work of the Lord, the power of prayer, the miracles that are in my life everyday (Mormon 9:19) I love the change the Gospel brings! You can know the doctrine, the commandments, but it’s only by putting those things into use that you change, and that you receive the blessings that will be a testimony of their truth. I know this Gospel is true because I have put it into use and I have helped others do the same thing. The Gospel is simple and all you have to do to know if it’s true and if it comes from God, is to put it to the test. Go, Do, Ask, Follow, Live. All I have been doing for the last 18 months of my life has been inviting.  Inviting to know the truth and feel the strength it brings. Don’t wait for blessings to start being obedient, be obedient so that the blessings will come. I love the experiences I have had, the love and friendships I have created! I am so thankful for you all and your love and support! Keep praying keep following! 
Faith comes before Freedom.

No really I love you all

Elder Moller

Monday, July 13, 2015

Sick Day

This week was really funny and really busy. 
So this week we have been busy teaching all of our investigators who are preparing for their baptisms this month! We are planning a big open house at the chapel where the family of our investigators will come learn about the temple and the importance of the gospel and then we will finish the program with some baptisms! So we are getting that all put together!
And, well in the middle of the madness I think Friday me and my companion woke up to the biggest stomach aches haha we just sat in bed not knowing what to do.  I was getting stressed because we had a ton to do that day so, like normal I was laughing at everything. Then all of a sudden my companion got wide eyes and speed waddled to the bathroom and I thought it was so funny.. I laughed and laughed and I realized it was a very bad choice! I ran around our room and out the door and threw up all over the roof on the house below us! I didn’t get the last laugh on that one.. 
 So the whole day we took it slow like two old men. Also during my sick day an elder brought in his medicine bag telling me that it cost him 500 dollars. I was so excited to see what there was and I started looking at his weird glass bottles, and I started reading things like Thyme and Ginger. I was so disappointed! I then got a lesson on Essential oils... and I might just not really understand but how does peppermint oil on my bellybutton help. Or greenpine help scurvy? I read the little book like three times! That is so expensive! And if its just for the smell, like what about febreze. I’m still a little concerned.
Well anyway I’ll look into that! I would much rather rub German sunflower on my armpit cyst then have to go to the doctor! 
 Well anyway I love you all so much I love my mission! And pray for our baptism this Saturday!!! Heimana!!! I know this gospel is true!! The proof is everywhere if you look!
Olive oil is all I need
My armpit is all better mom :)
Played hangman with a drunk guy in our English class this week, he loved it!!
 If you want to talk with God you pray; if you want to hear from God you read!
Read everyday!!
I love you all
 Elder Moller

Monday, July 6, 2015

I have a headache

This week was a different week and I don’t know how I feel about it. 
 So it started really good and we were teaching like it wasn’t anyone’s business.  Then my camera just gave up on me just like that, just dead! So that should have been a warning as then one of my ties got wedged in the dryer and the whole machine just like fell apart and started smoking.... And then Elder Warren was ironing his shirt and it started sizzling and he died as well but he didn’t die without a fight.  Elder Warren burned a hole in his shirt.
So there was the start to our week.  Let’s continue. Got yelled at by our scary Jehovah’s Witness investigator over the phone.  But it’s okay because her nephew is going to be baptized.  Had to find out why our house smelled like eggs. And had to drive to the other side of the island in my pickup. For a concert. (By the way I’m the manual master!)  And had to drive to the other other side of the island for a wedding of an old investigator of Elder Warren and I was the biggest third wheel missionary. As they were at the "table of honor" I sat eating sandwiches with a group of old ladies.  It was actually quite nice! I hate the table of honor! 
 So anyway at Sunday during church we had an investigator get up to share her testimony and she told everyone how she is a part of the community of Christ and how she has been taking the lessons with us and how she asked God if the church was true and now she is ready to be baptized because God answered her prayer! Wow! I liked it! Best testimony all day! I hope it touched all of our investigators and members who where there.  I know it did!
 I also learned that the brother of Rosyline and William (who are new converts from my first area) was sent to the hospital and passed away. I taught him a few times and we would play soccer every p day together! So yeah this week was a little crazy and a little nice but all in all I have a headache.
 I am so thankful for the time I have to be in Tahiti, the time I have to share my testimony and to help others receive the same blessings I have enjoyed my entire life. The key to having joy is obedience! No matter the life you are in, no matter what is going around you, if you are in a good standing with God and with yourself there will always be an inner joy that lasts. You can’t choose what’s going on around you, but you can always choose to be happy, maybe not happy about "it", but happy. It’s a choice. And a really good one to make.
 Sorry I don’t have pictures this week, I don’t want to talk about it.
 Still don’t know why our house smelt like eggs
 I only took us off the road in a massive puddle once!
(It was an accident but I totally played it off like I wanted to hit that puddle)
(Elder Warren pooped himself)
 Love you all and thank you all for the love and support you all give me

Elder Moller