Monday, July 13, 2015

Sick Day

This week was really funny and really busy. 
So this week we have been busy teaching all of our investigators who are preparing for their baptisms this month! We are planning a big open house at the chapel where the family of our investigators will come learn about the temple and the importance of the gospel and then we will finish the program with some baptisms! So we are getting that all put together!
And, well in the middle of the madness I think Friday me and my companion woke up to the biggest stomach aches haha we just sat in bed not knowing what to do.  I was getting stressed because we had a ton to do that day so, like normal I was laughing at everything. Then all of a sudden my companion got wide eyes and speed waddled to the bathroom and I thought it was so funny.. I laughed and laughed and I realized it was a very bad choice! I ran around our room and out the door and threw up all over the roof on the house below us! I didn’t get the last laugh on that one.. 
 So the whole day we took it slow like two old men. Also during my sick day an elder brought in his medicine bag telling me that it cost him 500 dollars. I was so excited to see what there was and I started looking at his weird glass bottles, and I started reading things like Thyme and Ginger. I was so disappointed! I then got a lesson on Essential oils... and I might just not really understand but how does peppermint oil on my bellybutton help. Or greenpine help scurvy? I read the little book like three times! That is so expensive! And if its just for the smell, like what about febreze. I’m still a little concerned.
Well anyway I’ll look into that! I would much rather rub German sunflower on my armpit cyst then have to go to the doctor! 
 Well anyway I love you all so much I love my mission! And pray for our baptism this Saturday!!! Heimana!!! I know this gospel is true!! The proof is everywhere if you look!
Olive oil is all I need
My armpit is all better mom :)
Played hangman with a drunk guy in our English class this week, he loved it!!
 If you want to talk with God you pray; if you want to hear from God you read!
Read everyday!!
I love you all
 Elder Moller

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