Monday, June 29, 2015


This week was great once again!! One: because it was my birthday and two: because it was Haapeu's baptism and it was just great!
The Elders in the house gave me a piece of celery with peanut butter in it and a lit toothpick for my "birthday cake".  It was really nice. We would have eaten cake but I made them have a "Elder Moller’s birthday cake eating contest" with me and then I regretted it. Why do people want to eat cake fast, its stupid! But it was too late and it did me good to have celery! Also we played "Elder Moller’s birthday, find a coin in a bowl of fake snow with your mouth" with me and I thought it was so funny! Basically I wanted to play a lot of games for my birthday.
 Also this week I had a new convert who passed away, Ioane. He had been a member for about 2 months now.  I know he is in a better place and he was such an example of faith for me!! I will miss him a ton.
 And so yesterday at church I had to give a talk.  Yeah I wasn’t very "stable". I cried again,.  Good golly why do I have to do that?! I'd rather just have a little robot voice that reads everything for me. But, oh well.
 All is well and actually not well,.  The sisters I came with to Tahiti are leaving tonight! I only have 6 months left and it makes me feel a little sick, but its good too. 
I know that this Gospel is true and I am so very grateful to be here! So grateful for the knowledge and comfort this message brings! Never lose your faith! It’s the base of all you do! I love you all so so much I think for you often and pray for you even more! Have a good week and take care!
Elder Moller

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dead Cats

I am a little amazed at the week I just had....
I’ll start with the concert, so we sang in our stake again! All the missionaries on Tahiti (75) got together and put on a performance on the plan of Salvation singing songs only about the plan of God! It was awesome and we found three new investigators thanks to it! We will be doing three or four more in the coming months!!
Also, our Stake Faa'a, and the stake of Punaauia (my first stake here at Tahiti) had a massive inter-ville sports game day, where all the wards got together and competed! The missionaries all formed a team and we played with our members and investigators.  Proudly to say Pamatai is the big winners.  Sadly to say there was a sac cloth race and I ate it so hard in front of the whole stadium of people but I won so its fine!
So also this week while having an interview at out ward mission leaders house, a huge worker truck backed up into our car almost pushing it into a ditch! I spent an hour doing paperwork, ugh! 
But I’m happy to say that I am driving like an awesome driver, killing it! My companion helps a ton by laughing with me when I stall and when the car decides to stop by its self! We kinda just both laugh because were so stressed; it’s actually really funny!
So when Elder Warren moved in, a weird fish smell came into our room and I told him he needed to check his stuff and find what smells like sour fish, and we could find it so we looked in the attic and in the closets and there was nothing so today we decided to go on an adventure to find the smell.  This took us to the bottom level of the house where no one lives and we kept smelling and looking and under this grate thing we found a dead cat and its scents were wafting up into our room! So we decided to go get it out of there, so we found a rake a pole and a plastic sac and we heaved this thing into the sack, it took us about 15 minutes because we were all gagging to much and because its skin kept falling off.  Oh heavens it was something I never want to do again! I feel a little justified because that cat kept peeing in my shoes!! And walking in our house like he owned the place! But I think he got the last laugh!
 Well this week kinda hurt my head but I think it will be better this coming week!
 I love you all! Don’t be catty!
 Ua pure ani oe?
 I think I’m retired from my sac cloth race'in days!
I know this Gospel is true!

Elder Moller

Monday, June 15, 2015

That Was Sudden

So I got a new companion!!!! If you all remember my old MTC days I hope you remember Elder Warren the Texan! Well he is my new companion at Pamatai!! We got the call Tuesday while I was catching up on old times with this old Adventist lady I "talked" with in my first sector, and we’re best friends now!!! And we did the switch today after we had another choir practice and watched meet the Mormons in French! 

Oh yeah I also started driving today, I only stalled twice, and am laughing the whole time cuz I do that when I’m nervous!!! Its kinda stress relieving, not really! 

Sorry its a little message today, but I love you all, and have a good week!

Elder Moller

Monday, June 8, 2015

Ugh. So many bugs

We are sitting in the church right now with the window open because paint is drying on the wall, and I am being attacked by stupid mosquitos.  I am basically dancing to keep them off me! Speaking of bugs so this week we were teaching this lesson and trying to help our investigator get her life together, and some mystery big attacked my nose and bit me on the lip. Okay, so I was a little- a lot mad at this bug, and so we kept teaching and all of a sudden my lip just started swelling up! I just kept touching it and covering my lip with my hand to hide my massive duck bill and trying not to laugh.  Well anyway I looked like a moose for half the day.  Luckily I found some bug bite cream in our house that tasted so bad! But it helped! Don’t ask for pictures I didn’t document this one! 
 Fixed a baptism for my birthday! Haapeu!
 Well, that was basically my week, all is well! Our investigators are awesome and it’s so clear that the Gospel changes lives! Its so true, and its such a blessing to those who are ready to change and those who try! I love you all so much and I know I was called here for a reason and I know I was called here because God knows who I can become! Lose yourself in the service of your fellow man! No wonder you find you self in the service of others, it’s because there is so much more to find!

Love you all have a good week
Stay out of trouble!

Love Elder Moller

Monday, June 1, 2015

What A Week

To all my family and friends.... Iaorana
 This week was a little crazy going back and forth between baptisms and a sealing.  It was great!!
I don’t have a ton of time today because we have to go sing in the choir and then we are going on a hike with our zone so that’s fun! 
 This week it was really fun to be able to see the people you love so much continue to progress in their lives! 
This week we were able to do a service project with everyone in our zone, we went and did a little bit of everything.  We cemented and painted and power washed and cleaned windows and washed toys.  It was really fun and the family was so thankful! 
 I know this gospel is true.  I know that we all have ups and downs but it’s all for the best! We receive trials because God knows who we can become through them.  I know that Jesus is our savior and our bridge to eternal happiness!  I know the family can be together forever.  I love you all so much and have a good week!