Monday, June 8, 2015

Ugh. So many bugs

We are sitting in the church right now with the window open because paint is drying on the wall, and I am being attacked by stupid mosquitos.  I am basically dancing to keep them off me! Speaking of bugs so this week we were teaching this lesson and trying to help our investigator get her life together, and some mystery big attacked my nose and bit me on the lip. Okay, so I was a little- a lot mad at this bug, and so we kept teaching and all of a sudden my lip just started swelling up! I just kept touching it and covering my lip with my hand to hide my massive duck bill and trying not to laugh.  Well anyway I looked like a moose for half the day.  Luckily I found some bug bite cream in our house that tasted so bad! But it helped! Don’t ask for pictures I didn’t document this one! 
 Fixed a baptism for my birthday! Haapeu!
 Well, that was basically my week, all is well! Our investigators are awesome and it’s so clear that the Gospel changes lives! Its so true, and its such a blessing to those who are ready to change and those who try! I love you all so much and I know I was called here for a reason and I know I was called here because God knows who I can become! Lose yourself in the service of your fellow man! No wonder you find you self in the service of others, it’s because there is so much more to find!

Love you all have a good week
Stay out of trouble!

Love Elder Moller

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