Monday, October 27, 2014

So many yummy little crabs

This week was awesome! I am still getting to know the sector and the people here but it couldn't be going better! We have found so many new investigators and we have been really picking up the work here in taha'a. The people here are so nice and they really know how to eat! Oh goodness I told myself I wasn't going to gain weight here but yesterday we get to our dinner appointment and it was like a buffett but not just any kind, it was a crab buffett, oh my goodness! I ate so many yummy little crabs! If we have many more of those I'll be In trouble hahaha. But I think we'll be fine we are biking all day long, because we have to cover half our island. Also this week we had a conference with Elder Nielson from the seventy. It was so good, I have really changed the way I'm going to teach after that conference! It was so uplifting and just what I needed. But we have seen so many blessings happen in our sector, I know that God loves every single one of his children! But it is fun to be in a little bigger area where you have to go into valleys and cross rivers and such, but I have so much laundry to do all the time! Hahaha so much rain so much mud it's....something. But the people here are so willing and so happy. It's truly a blessing to see how people live here there is so much to learn. One thing that I have seen in the Tahitian people is their patience. A few days ago I was at a members house for a visit, this family is trying to start selling jewelry to tourists, so they make all their jewelry at their home. They would pierce and connect pearls to make bracelets and necklaces, so they have a large box of small connector things and metal beads assorted perfectly in little compartments. Well as we were talking the kids ran by and bumped the massive box of beads off the table. I held my breath as I watched the beads bounce in all directions across the room waiting for the reaction of the parents. The mother who i was talking to was still looking at me as if nothing happened. Not one word of impatience or anger came out of her mouth. And the kids(and missionaries)happily cleaned it all up! I was so impressed and wondered if I would have had the same reaction. Probably not but then I thought what use do we have to lose our temper if the beads are already spilt. They kids felt bad enough and they were happy to clean It up. I was impressed because I felt that those kids were valued more then a box of beads. I know it's a dorky little story but I learned a lot.
Well I hope you all have a good week this week
Know that I love you all
And I love this work
Thanks for all your love 

Elder Moller

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