Monday, October 20, 2014


What a week oh my goodness!
So before I left we did so many last minute lessons hahaha I had to see all my investigators one last time! We were booked! Then Thursday morning my companion took me to the airport and I got on a plane! Okay first of all airports in different languages are stressful I almost missed my plane because we had to take a stop in Bora Bora before going to Raiatea I didn't complain it was cool to see! It was a little awkward when the plane filled with Asian couples, I felt a little out of place! Hahaha but I made it to Raiatea and we went to the docks and we took about an hour boat ride to my island of Tahaa. So I'm here in one piece and it's cool! I'm in the Cumorah ward and Hipu branch, and we live right next to the Cumorah Chapel, it's named Cumorah for the massive hill it's built on! Luckily we live right next to the chapel so I get to walk up the mountain cumorah each day! Also better news is we have about five dogs that live at our house, I named them shella! All of them! It makes it easy to remember. Shella 1 2 3 4 and 5. But they're cute, not all nasty and nappy so that's good! We have the smallest house I've ever seen, but we have (I hope) drinkable water because I've been drinking it, and cold showers! But it's nice an advantage of the mountain we live on is the beautiful view of Bora Bora and all the smaller outer islands on the edge of the reef. So I would also like to add that this sector is soooooooooo big! Oh by gosh! We live I the middle of our sector and it takes about an hour and a half on bike just to get to one end, my legs hurt so bad hahahahaha who can enjoy these postcard views when there is lava bombs going off in your legs! It's good for me! But still! Umm oh yeah my companion is Elder Escoffre, he is from southern France, he started his mission in April and he has been here in Tahaa for about a month. He is cool. I feel like that's about all the work here is .... slow for the moment. But it will pick up, there is a ton of potential here! I'm happy to be here, once my legs stop killing we're going to kill it! But I hope all is well wherever you all are! If there not, there are probably not lizards that hide under the inside of the toilet bowl  where you are, waiting for an unexpecting Elder that has to use the potty to attack! Comfortable visits to the bathroom don't exist anymore.  
Love you all! 
Also our fridge likes to make sure I'm paying attention by giving me electrical shocks if I touch anything that's not the handle!
It rains a lot here
All the making of a great adventure! 
All the while doing the work of The Lord!

Love you all have a good week
Sorry there are no pictures, we are on iPads, 

Elder Moller

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