Monday, September 21, 2015


We heard a bit from Elder Moller and he will be transferring in a week or so (likely heading out on Oct 1st).  He will be training a new missionary (they arrive on the 29th), (re)opening a new area, and will be a member of the branch presidency.  A lot of change.  He is going to the small atoll of Raroia and there are about 233 people there.  We will find out more later if his area is more than just this atoll.  For those history buffs out there Raroia is where Thor Heyerdahl landed Kon Tiki after proving it was possible to build a boat and sail from So. America to Polynesia.

Thanks to all for your support.


As much as I have loved serving in Faa'a, and even though I had a really good 7 months of my mission here, I'm getting transfered. I will be training a new missionary at Raroia. So yeah this will be a really fun end of my mission!  The island has been closed for a while because we haven't had enough missionaries to cover the smaller islands so we will be opening the island at the same time! I heard there are about 200 people that live there so we will see how fast I can contact them all! My companion gets here the 28th and we will be leaving probably the 1st of october! I am super excited for this step of my mission (maybe my last) but at the same time I am sad to leave my Pamatai area! We had some good work here and its going to keep being awesome with all the baptisms we have coming up next month! Luckily I will be here for a last baptism this Saturday! 

I know that this work is true! and I know that God loves and cares for each of his children no matter where they are in the world! I know that this gospel is true and I will continue to try and help as many people as I can receive the same truths. 

I am starting to get all my stuff in bags and I am really "moved in" and it’s getting kinda hard to find all my stuff and get it into my suitcases. My companion is being really patient with all the things around the room. I'll let you all know about all the preparations next week! Pray for me, pray for my next companion, and pray for my new area!

Thank you for all the support and love
Weird to think this is my last area
weird to think this is my last companion
I love my mission

Elder Moller

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