Monday, August 4, 2014

Coconuts and cake

Hello everybody
This week was fantastic partly because we had so many service opportunities also its because we had a wedding where I wasn’t being forced to eat by big Tahitian momi's! So I loved it! But we started this week out with a ton of lessons and a lot of visits with inactives, I just love being able to talk with everyone here, they are all so nice! Also this week we helped our ward do coconuts for the heava (a massive celebration)! And I never know that a coconut would be so much work, good grief! But it was fun! You can’t complain when you can just eat fresh coconut when you work! Also this week we helped prepare the marriage for one of our investigators and her boyfriend! We set up tables and chairs and blew up balloons (80 dollars worth) so that was a party, It was even better that we had millions of balloons and my investigator sat all the way on the other side of the room because she is scared of balloons! What! We should have made her blow them up, prepare for her wedding and overcome a fear! But we enjoyed doing it! IT was all worth it because the wedding was awesome, there was a cute little Tahitian band that followed them around all day playing guitars and Ukes, I could use a band like that every day! Life would be better! But the wedding cake was massive and we cut it all and put it on plates, (took a while) but the food was great, raw fish, and four calves, only the best!
Basically this week was really busy but it was great! I love this work, I love service
I love that no chickens have found there way into our house! Oh quick note: what is the point of turf, what? Its like soft looking grass with hidden sharp glass underneath! I fell just a tiny bit and welp I lost a knee! Just would like to caution everyone to wear elbow and knee pads if you play on turf okay! Its just like sin, it might look fun like grass but all it will do is make you spend 6 dollars on gauze!
I love you all, have a good week, Church is true
Elder Moller

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