Monday, July 7, 2014

New President

Hello again my dearest friends
This week we got our new president, President Bize, he is from France but has lived in California for the past 20ish years. He is awesome, I am excited to see what he will do with this mission. Tahiti has so much potential growth! So this week we had a mission wide conference with the new president, I saw some of my MTC members for the first time sense they got lost in the outer islands! We had some Elders from Rangiroa stay with us. This last week I have had to deal with a lot of stuff that goes along with 6 Elders in a house.
First I was taking a shower when the shower decided to expode on me! Okay whatever tahiti person makes shower hoses clog and explode needs to find a different job. I kinda fixed it! Go Me the handy man!
Okay second was not at all fun, One night I guess our trash was out to long, long enough for our whole landry room floor to be covered in maggets, I sprayed the whole room down in bug spray and I made sure the room was chicken accessible for the clean up the next day! Thank you Chickens for One thing!
Three, some charector decided to steal the missionary bikes out of the landry room yesterday night, well good think Im the only missionary in our house with a bike now because I put it up on the second level of my bunkbed! Efficiency! if anyone tries to steal my bike in the night, they will awake a missionary who knows how to make showers explode, so watch out!
four, well we forgot our key for our house one day, it took me about 30 seconds to break in.... that explains the bikes!

Okay well I am just a home maker now!
Also small miracle this week for our lesson during Church 16 people came including investigators and member intergraters, Oh my word and so many people came to church! I love Church! I love investigators! I love this work so much!
Oh also parents sorry if there is a slight charge on the bank account, I guess because I had a few zits I was made an appointment for the doctor. I guess I was suseptible for infection. pshh well I hate the heath care system here! I was told If the gentil antibiotics didnt work that I might have to get a more powerfull AMOCILLICILIANXILINE (I made that up dont search it) and I would have to go in for the monthly blood testing, like no big deal! yeah honestly pray for my zits to go away! please!
I love you all so much If any of you need me to pray for your zits or anything I will!
I know this gospel is true
I love you all so much
Have courage have hope
You already have my love from Tahiti

Elder Moller

most of my district at the confrence
umm didnt think cakes like this exsisted here?

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