Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week Four!

Okay I cant even tell the days apart in the MTC!

And I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing! Probably good!
I dont think much happened this week, but also a ton happened this week!
A district in our zone is going to be leaving us soon, there going to West Indies, New Caladonia, Canada, and Saint George! They will do so great I love them all so much!
Oh all the fluent French speakers came in this week, there are three sisters and two elders! They are so nice and humbling on how little French I know! It's great!
One of the elders is so funny, I dont know if he really is funny or if its because he is French! And then the other Elder is from Newcaladonia! He is so nice but he doesn't speak English so I am teaching him every night. He helps me with French and I help him with English its the best thing ever!
 Umm oh guess who got the worst bloody nose at the temple....me! luckily it was right at the entrance, so I had to grab my nose, find my recommend, have the old feller scan it, bathrooms are in short supply in the temple, It was in the far corner, blood was running through my fingers my companion (bless his soul) was catching my blood so it wouldn't get on the perfectly white carpet. then I was sitting in the bathroom for like 25 minutes while like seriously every 30 seconds a old guy would come in and make some sassy remark about how the spirit was to strong for me or how about my companion punched me! Never get bloody noses at the temple I beg!

I know the church is true! I know Joseph Smith restored the gospel to the earth!!
Read the book of Mormon it's amazing! Prayer works! I love you all!!!

 Both of my name tags!!

 Elder Pichon from France!

 Our whole zone!!!

Yours truly, Elder Moller

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