Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week Seven!

This week has gone by as fast as all the rest! Learning Tahitian and reviewing French really keeps me busy. If that's the understatement of my mission. Okay I would like to share a few small mind blowing learning French experiences!
Number one. Mayday "m'aider" uhh it means "help me" What!!! Who knew okay next!
Number two. Souvenir!!!!! Uhh it means to remember!!! Its a VERB! What!
Number three. Tahitian has no mind blowing cool word dealies because English is nothing like it. But it sounds amazing and I am loving way more than French!
Oh also this week I was informed that I would be released from Zone Leader, So far I have welcomed three separate groups into the MTC, And I was Zone leader for about six weeks, It is so nice to be released and have a small break...
Guess who is the new District leader!
Yaaay, no break for me!
I honestly do not mind, I just have to attend a few extra meetings a week talking about how the zone is doing, and as long as I'm there I know that they arn't talking about me!
Okay so I only have one month left and I know that sounds like a long time but It will be here so fast!
I cannot wait to finally get into the field so I can share some more exciting stories, other than me sitting in class and studying all day.
Okay so I would just like to share a gamer with all of you to play with a large group when you have nothing to do. So the game is called Pterodactyl!  you sit in a circle and the rule of the game is if you see someone elses teeth there out. so you go in a circle and say Pterodactyl to the person next to you (making sure to cover your teeth with your lips) and you rotate in a circle. So you can ether say Pterodactyl to person next to you in order, or you can give your best Pterodactyl screech and change direction. So before we played this game I already knew that I would love it. And I did. It is up there with "oink piggy oink"!
Okay I love you all! and I wish I had more to say but I would just like to end with My mission scripture! In Tahitian!
Etera 12:27
E ia tae mai te taata ia'u nei, e faaite atu ai au ia ratou i to ratou paruparu. Te horoa noa ra vau i te paruparu i te taata, ia tupu to ratou haehaa; e e au maitai to'u aroha i te mau taara atoa i faahaehaa ia ratou iho i mua ia'u ra; ia faahaehaa hoi ratou ia ratou iho i mua ia'u, e ia faaroo ia'u, ei reira e faariro vau i te mau mea paruparu ei mea etaeta no ratou.
I love you all, You are all such great examples in my life!
God loves you, I love you, Je T'aime, Vou here oe!
From me, Elder Moller (Orometua Moller)

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