Friday, March 28, 2014

Week Eight!

This week has been a little slower than than the rest, but I have only got 20 more days here! 20 days! It feels like I was born and raised here. Tahiti doesn't even seem real yet, I'll let you know when it does seem real! This week was full of studies, readying, learning, teaching, eating, and sleeping. speaking of sleeping, I guess I sleep a little better than I thought. The Elders in my room tell me that I make some pretty interesting noises when I sleep. Like they say I groan like I am stretching, But then they say I'll mix a few other things in there. Like I'll let out a groan and then end it off with a few words then cough, or I will mumble something and then start laughing in my sleep (My companion says when I laugh it scares him really bad) Or I will cough twice and then make noises like I am in Pain. I sleep Fine! Okay, I'm great! A Elder in my room said he almost got up to give me a blessing he though I was having such a hard time! I would be more worried but Elder brown says I sound really happy when I talk. Like I'm having a great conversation with my best friend! And I don't have any control over it, so I just mainly laugh about it.
This week we taught a lesson to a new investigator in Tahitian! (The lesson you read off a paper and if they talk like there asking a question you answer "Yes" and hope you guessed right) And I don't know how but Our investigator asked why he should pray about the Book of Mormon, and My companion shared Moroni 10:27 (He meant to share Moroni 10:4-5) (so I could have fixed the mistake but I had completely no idea what was even going on) Well turns out This scripture says something about Judgement and Dust! Not what we wanted! He asked us what the scripture meant and we told him it means he needs to pray often... Better here than in the field.
Thank you MTC!
Okay now for the exciting part of my week! so Elder Smith in my district has been collecting sodas for the past 8 weeks he had a total of 64 cans of full soda stacked up against his wall. So one night I was competing against an Elder trying to best duplicate a picture of Lehi on the boat to the promised land! and They were funny pictures sense we were drawing so fast! So there was our Zone and Half of another zone in Elder Smiths room. Well Elder smith leans against his wall and a shock wave of force tidal waves towards the cans. So the wall was eight cans by eight cans so it is pretty tall! and The tower of fresca Didn't stand a chance. In slow motion the tower starts falling, in an attempt to save the falling fresca he slams it back into place sending a Fresca aftershock off to hit the unsuspecting Coke tower and the Minute Maid tower and all other sodas! It was a slow motion cascade of silver and color! (it was beautiful) One Elder attempted a Kamikaze attempt to save all 64 sodas and threw his body at the onslaught of refreshing summer drinks! and He almost had it. But there was soda retaliation! the sodas on the top of the towers were careening down pelting this elder in the head, He retreated! All hope was lost! The shimmering wall of carbonated death was upon us! My whole zone and half of the other zone saw our lives flash before our eyes! The fist can hit the desk and all chaos broke loose! the cans split open spaying elders and everything else in sight! There were cans spinning on the floor and Elders tripping over each other trying to escape the onslaught! Elders were going through the mass of cans trying to find the soda spraying elders and papers. It was a Sticky pool party, except no one was having fun! I was not much help at the time because I was laughing so hard! First I was amazed by the beauty and the spectacle of it all! Then the laughter took over! I was choking on my laughter and coughing for most of the time but, that night I went to bed happy!
I love all the love and support that I feel from all my friends and family!
You all have been there for me every step of the way!
I love you all so much and I know this message is true!
Be happy be strong!
I love ya!

Elder Moller
This is my district that left to France on Monday! They will do so good! I love them all so much!
we welcomed them into the MTC and were here to see them off!
Good luck district A!


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