Friday, March 28, 2014

Last Week At The MTC!

Umm how has eleven weeks gone so fast! I can see how missions go so fast for missionaries when their on their missions, and I'm only in the MTC! Honestly I have loved being here this long, the time to read, and study has been super needed! more so when I am doing in in three languages!
I have never enjoyed reading the Book of Mormon so much, and I hope all of you will pick it up and read it every single day! Another amazing blessing of the MTC is I have been able to go to the Temple every single week! The blessings the Temples brings us can be found no where else on this planet! Being able to go every week and feel of the spirit has strengthened me so much! It is crazy to think the next time I will be in a Temple it will be on a Island in the middle of the Pacific! AH! next P-day will be in the middle of the ocean! haha today I was clipping my fingernails and I was like "Woah! Next time I clip my fingernails I'll be in Tahiti" haha I promise I am focused!
So I board a plane next Monday night for Tahiti, and I think my emails will get a little more exciting!
I know this is the best decision I have ever made in this life! And I want you all to know that I love you and think of all of you when I count my many blessings!
No, I didn't fall this week, but I did find a dent in my knee....hope that heals!
Read the book of Mormon!
Go to the Temple!
Don't fall!
Oh and if you are having distress in you stomach! Grapenuts are wonderful!
just add a banana and they taste a little less like gravel!
Love from Provo!
Soon from Tahiti!
-Elder Moller

-My lovely Zone yes eighteen of us are leaving! (representing France, Tahiti, Canada, Congo)
-our district!
- Hahah the tower of soda that fell, and Elder Smith who started it all!

Talk to you soon!


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