Friday, March 28, 2014

Week Nine!

Okay this week was quite the week! It went fast but it was, well it was a week!
It all went "down" on Wednesday!
So I should have known that it was a rough day when we were running late to class, and I was supper thirsty so I took one of my water bottles to class, so me and my comp. were waiting for our class to stop singing so we could go in. and I took a big drink of water! (I was thirsty) and I was about to swallow it when the biggest itch crept up my windpipe (it was like a grasshopper) It was like my body was saying, nope! you don't need this water. so right at this moment a poor cleaning man was walking innocently down the hall with his vacuum, and a gallon of water came shooting out of my mouth, completely soaking this poor wayfaring man! I looked at him and he looked at me, I had no words to explain why I just did a spit take all over him! so I backed up into an empty classroom and hid into the corner, waiting for him to leave. I think my companion tried to make up some excuse on how this guy must look like someone I know, but in all reality I think he might have just needed to be reminded about how Catholic baptisms usually go!
Okay so I thought this was bad enough, especially when my comp. described it as "he just...blew up" but my day got worse, I was walking to class after dinner and I was probably humming a song or something maybe looking for the small little birds that like to see how close they can fly next to missionaries. But We got to class and you know there are TWO very intimidating stairs in the front of our building, well my feet just decided it was time to not work and I tripped so hard! I was falling, falling in slow motion, and I just decided to go for it (because you know I wouldn't want to break a hand trying to catch myself or anything) so as I am falling I look up and I see a Swarm, no a Horde of missionaries (I think they were all new that day) more missionaries were walking past than I have ever seen walk past our class room! And I already was a foot from the ground and coming in hot! okay I hit hard, so hard my shoe flew....Flew! all the way across the doorway! I started laughing out of shame and embarrassment and I just wanted to stay there forever. But I have a work to do! so I peeked up.. There was the massive wave of missionaries flying at me! (I know it was there first day and I know the story of the good
Samaritan was going though there heads) I was up on my sock and foot so fast! I told them I was fine as I was swiping my card as fast as I could to be in our building! I finally got it open and limped in then I distantly heard a missionary say "Did you really get that on camera!" Who just walks around with a camera rolling! who! so if any of you see a video of a missionary I'm his newly dry cleaned suit falling on his face up two stairs, I don't want to know about it!
Alright Other than that this week has been great, I lead a district counsel on the atonement! and It was so powerful and the spirit was so strong! we listed words on what the board on what the atonement is and what it gives us. Ever good word you can imagine was on the board! I am here on a mission because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ! My whole message of hope is because the act of love Jesus has for me for suffering for my sins, and because the love of God for giving us all his only begotten son! Yes I cried in front of my whole district....again. but I am so thankful for the Atonement, and I am so grateful for that act of love shown to all of us!
I love you all and I have only one more P-day in the MTC
E VitiViti!!
I get our travel plans of Friday and believe Me when I tell you I am going to run to the mail room (being mindful of the stairs)
Thank you all for the love!
I will talk to you next week!
Love Elder Moller
Okay Talking picture of the same place for 3 months is hard!
Haha I promise some awesome ones in 2 weeks!!
Love you all


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