Monday, March 31, 2014

First Week In Tahiti!

(Note from Codi: I didn't spell check this at all because it it so funny!)
Okqy to start off this keyboad is crazy; i cant handdle such things. okay this week has been awesme!! we bqrely nade it n the plqne AIR TAHITI NUI we got ur baggqge clqim slips and all 18 of us were running for our lives to nqke it on this plane. it tk us 3 hours to get these slips of paper. but we made it, and I got on qnd I was all sweaty qnd nasty, and i got hqnded a flower, so at least i couldnt smell myself, it was nice! okay s we got to tahiti at 5a.m. and we hqd a quick time to shower then we ate at our nission pres. house did sone stuff there and  then I got my area Taapuna. The most successful area in the Atlantic. It is amazing here! my conpmqnion is Elder Jessop and all of our investigqtors are on this long street up in the mountains. it is the most beautiful views. My conpqnion is from Utah qs well and he is awesome. we are supper busy all day qnd we have up to 8-9 lessons a day, I waas blessed to be put into such a great area, we have 10 investigators with babptismql dates set and we had 2 baptizms yesterday, there are dogs, cats, chickens, qnd roosters Everywhere! oh and lizards and cockroqches, qnd spiders, oh ny goosh this keyboqrd im sorry hqhqhqhahahah, the people are so kind and humble qnd everyone waves to the missinqries, ohhhh I forgot qbout the ants... in my bed, my lugage, eating the weird rqndoom poop i found n the ground, its great!! the flight was good the food here is great. chicken and fish and crab, and a ton of rice.
oh man this week has just been a blur I love you
 all and be good! and yest every single word i have typed is underlined in red, I am so blessed to be here I already love everything about my mission other than the huge spider that baby sack erupted in our kitchen........... it was the size of ny hand, qnd now the demonic offspring are in our kitchen, tqkes about a week to grow full size, my life, so help me, oh and have we also heqrd that elephqntitis is a thing here,,, ha it spreds through miskitoes hahahaha hqhq miskitoes should of leqrned how to spell is high school, Im so hqppy (oother than that spider thing) love you all, god be awith you;
Elder Moller

oh and we get medicide for elephqntitis
sorry about this spelling*
ill send better picters next week, loove you all

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