Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 7

to my wonderful friends and family who I love so incredibly much! 
I stole the I pad before my companion could get it so I can have an English keyboard! best thing!
I want to start this letter by saying how much I love you all and how grateful I am for everyone in my life!
this week has been a lot of work but it has been great! 
we have so many lessons each day and so many people interested in our message!
we were able to have two more baptisms this week and I was asked to confirm Fredrick a member of the church and give him the Holy Ghost. yeah in French. oh my word I was so nervous, haha but I think I did a good job!
So I have not seen anymore giant spiders in our house but I kill about ten a day, we have this magical spray called zig-zag and I spray the spiders and they die! it's amazing! And it gets better! I don't even have to touch the spiders because the flesh eating devil ants who think they own the place just take care of the spiders for me! it's a beautiful circle of life! the only down side is when the ants eat all of my slim-Jim's. that is where I draw the line! oh and when they start eating dead geckos yeah that's just disturbing. but they make spider clean up a breeze. Also I wish I could give you my address to my house but addresses don't really exists, we helped a old sister in our ward fill out a passport application and all we could put on the thing was Taapuna! so, hope that works.
everything in tahiti is great, and hot, and humid and full of chickens who think its fine to crow all day long.
but the members are so nice and the people are so humble!
Thank you so much for all the words of love and the emails! It is hard to reply to everyone here but please please know that I love you and I love hearing from you! 
General conference was so good, a wonderful reminder to have courage and when needed to stand alone! our tv broke the third session and so it only played in French, so weird, I would think if the tv was having problems the English would be fine...nope. so I will brush up on that session in the next magazine that we get.
another thing I have learned here is that the tahiti on people are so giving, but also very taking, haha.
our ward missionary goes through our stuff and takes what he likes and gives it to our investigators, it's sweet.
but my favorite is when a tahiti on went through my companions clothes and found some ties that he liked so he was trying to choose one that he liked, couldn't decide so he took them all. hahahaha. that is just plain theft. sweet loving theft!
I love you all so much, I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love the opportunity to serve for our lord and to share the happiness that I have!
faaitoito mes ami
(oh one last thing in one of our lessons I was stareing at this spider and this fly flew right into the web, it was just like emperors new groove, I could hear the fly shouting help me help me, I couldn't help it! the spider ate that fly and it was a spectical of horror!) (oh and two nights ago I was trying to get a gecko out of our room and it hid behind my bed, I lunge at my bed and somehow it came from above me and leaped at my arm, I made a sound similar to a turkey in distress, and may have done a small Irish dance, turns out my name tag came off and rolled down my arm! who knew plastic name tags feel just like geckos! I let that gecko free out of pure shame!)

once again I love you all you all bless my life so much! 
I send all my love from Tahiti 
elder Moller  

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