Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm a Star

Hello again my favorite people.

I am sorry again I am cursed to be on this horrid French keyboard but I think I am getting better!  Like honestly this thing is the worst it is like almost normal but like the most important letters are switched, who does that? Okay sorry I’m over it. 

Tahiti is great this week and a month here went by so fast! This week was an interesting one because of the movie thing that I am in... Lets just start talking about that, so it was supper annoying because they would tell us it was going to be on Tuesday and Wednesday so we clear our whole day, and then they switch it to Friday Saturday, okay so there we are with zero plans for two days of the week and whatever we dealt with it fine, okay so filming day is here and I am kind of excited ya!

And I am getting ready for our day and I am ready to be a Star! So we drive to the mission office and it’s raining a bittle so we wait it out and were told our costumes were not ready so we wait and wait. I was sitting in the mission office for seven and a half hours, The price to pay to be a star is not cheap, okay so the day was a little rough to start out and we could have been teaching the gospel for 7 hours but its all good. So we go get our costumes and we look like Amish immigrants. I didn’t know we were making a movie of the first Amish missionaries? No problem so we get that and we go to the filming site, a black sand beach. Oh I don’t see that side of Tahiti every day... so we do a shot where we get baskets of fruit from the natives and we back away slowly waving goodbye. That was the hardest thing. Here I am on this beach getting free fruit and hats and I supposed to look sad about it. Plus every one looks Amish, best day ever.

Okay well after this we drive to some hose to do more scenes and the first thing the director says is "I lost the script, do any of you have it" any confidence I had in this movie went out the window. So we finished up and went back the next day!

So Saturday was awesome we drove to the other side of the island to film and we pretended that we were making a boat. The only wood that we had was logs, I don’t know how to build a boat but when choosing wood I would not want logs.. Anyway my big shot to stardom is I am inspecting a tree, they filmed me looking at this tree for so long, like what? So I like start knocking on the tree and nodding like " oh yes this tree is quite suitable" haha I’m a star!
What am I supposed to do for a minute looking at a tree!

So all in all I hope that we have some super editors!

So there was that I hope that one day it will inspire someone!
This week was fine a little different but good we also finished up our choir tour, it was so fun to be able to see and get to know all the missionaries serving here with me.

I love this work and I love being able to help people all day.

I really am thankful for the first missionaries here,

With all my love, your newly famous missionary
Elder Moller

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