Monday, May 5, 2014

Life of the wild one

I dont even know what to title my emails, haha I like this weeks though! So this week was good haha  so Monday we went to the store and they has these awesome lizard shorts, we all bought a pair because they are so cool! I might end up broke spending all my money on dumb things but I dont even care! Lizard shorts were more important. Okay a little bittle qbout our investigators, this week was awesome with them, most of then struggle with addictions so we visit most of them every day and see how they are doing, I love our investigators. So exciting news Hinano (my very first lesson in Tahiti was with her) We went to teach her and Elder Bakow was telling me how when they sing a hymn before a lesson the spirit is so much stronger, so we tryed it and after we sang she told us she finaly prayed and knows the book of mormon it true. pshhh I am singing in every single leson the rest of my mission, the best part is my companion and I get off and it kind of sounds like we are trying to sing in harmony, hahaha but really we just are bad. So I am so happy for Hinano! Also two of our investigqtors who we set a baptismal date for bought there wedding rings! Gisele and Jonario! Jonario ran out of the room so fast to grab the rings and was looking at them the whole lesson! there great!
Okay so our sector Taapuna is split into super nice and super not nice houses! and we know no one in the nice area so I wanted to chqnge that so this week we just went up there to talk with everyone. People are so funny up there, we had a old lady who saw us and ran (a very slow run) to a random house to escape, dont worry we didnt let her get away, she wasnt interested. Thats okay, but we did find Johnathan, he was very interested about the gospel and we had our first lesson with him. He was so accepting and friendly I hope somthing about our message can help him, I know it can! hopefully we cqn hqve more luck with the nicer side of Taapuna.
Well thqt was this week, no one has come screeming for an autograph yet...any day now.
ooooh also yesterdqy we ate fafaru blegh so it fish that they put in ocean water for a few days (nasty, ocean water... thats not safe, there is fish poop and ameabas in that water)
and then they make you rub it all around this sour coconut mix with your hands and eat it whie they stare at you repeating "its good, its good" easy for them to say. taisted like a big diaper, a big salty poop catcher! nasty! 

Love you all 
hugs and love
Elder Moller

so these qre some picks I took so we had Jonqrio qnd Gisele qnd their rings!
Moorea, basicqly what i see every day, such an eyesore
my carbalishous sandwitch
me and some mountains (screensaver quality)
and our lizard shorts 

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