Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

I would like to start this email talking a little bit about one of our investigators and her son. We teach this woman Marie she is probably in her high fifties and all day she takes care of her handicapped son Henry. This family has very little and more than once have asked us for food. Marie is with her son all day helping him walk and eat, and each day they walk up Taapuna hill to sit at the top and talk. teaching and talking to Marie and Henry have really testified to me how much love can come from service. That's why moms are so special, because even if not as help is needed as Henry, mothers serve their children their whole lives! And so much love comes from that! Thank you mom, and thank you all moms! 

This week was busy and we are setting up many family nights with families! my French is coming along and Tahitian is crazy, at first it was a lot to take is two languages being thrown at me. but now is seems weird that there are places in the world with only one language! We finally cut down the banana tree in our backyard that I have had my eye on. so in a few days they will all be ripe at once. Bananas for days! then after that, Nasty bananas for days! this will be a challenge! also there is this mango tree right by our house, with this massive almost ripe mango 35 feet up, every day I throw smaller mangos at it missing it by inches! ugh it is so tantalizing! here let me try and be a missionary and relate that to something! Don't Waste your small gifts by only focusing on the jackpot when you will end up with nothing in the end, because you have bad aim! and even if you think you have good aim and you knocked the first mango you saw down, you will be a little shocked and realize. you can't catch and have the mango explode all over your shoes! 

happy Mother's Day, and have a wonderful week my friends and family

love you all
Elder Moller

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