Monday, May 26, 2014

170 years

170 Years

Bonjour everyone!

This week has been very different to say the least, but I love it just the same

IT was the big hurrah Friday and Saturday 170 years of the Gospel in Tahiti it’s Amazing! And on Friday we were able to see so many culture dances of all the islands of the pacific. It was amazing! I will send some pictures next week because I forgot my camera. Haha I am sorry! Well anyway it was super cool and then on Friday we heard from a few speakers and all the missionaries sang called to serve, after we had a parade around the stadium, everyone clapped and cheered for us! I felt like a Star again! Well anyway it was super cool!

Random Quick note: Gold Bond... well it says it dries so we decided to puff some under our arms because it is so humid and sticky all the days. It does not dry, it is icy/hot in powder form, I don’t know if it was because we put way too much on or what but it was bad and kinda nice at the same time.

Any way a quick little story that I just love! So this week we talked to Denise on Thursday, and we set up a first lesson with her the next day. We arrived at her house and she was all ready to start before we got there! So we sat down and we stared talking and we introduced ourselves and told her a little bit about our families, and then we asked her if she wanted to tell us a little about herself. She told us that she has talked to the missionaries before but didn’t take the lessons, then she started to cry, she told us that she has had some problems in her life and proceded to show us her house arrest bracelet around her ankle covered by large socks. She told us that she had seen and recognized a book of Mormon among her brothers belongings and took it and started to read, she told us that she wanted to change and feel peace in her life again so she started praying that the missionaries would come to her house and teach her, because she couldn’t leave to come find us. She told us that we were the answers to her prayers.

I just want to end with what I know to be true. No matter where we are in life, no matter how deep or how confined. God knows us and there will always be way that he will show his love, by a friend, a family member, an answer! But you will never find what you’re not looking for. Look for Love, look for God, look for Change, Hope, Faith, whatever it might be and you will find it.

I love you all

I pray for you

Elder Moller

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