Thursday, April 17, 2014

Island breeze. April 14

My family friends and who ever else might be reading this: The work is hard but it is worth it.

this week went by so fast but I could not have loved it much more!
for the past three weeks I have been here the mission have been doing a tour around the island and singing and giving a little history about the mission on tahiti. so every week all the missionaries on tahiti gather and we put on a big concert, there is about 120 of us and we sing in French and Tahitian. We are leading up to our big concert on the 23 of May we will be performing at the Papeete stadium and celebrating 170 years of missionary work in tahiti and her islands. It has been so good to be able to see all the missionaries I went through the MTC with and be able to get to know the other missionaries in my mission. we have also been recruited to be in some film about when the missionaries first came to tahiti. I think that I will be able to play an American who has no idea what he is doing pretty well! 

Also this week the other elders in our zone had a baptism and asked me to speak! I choose the longest and best scripture about baptism that I could find, haha it was so stressful but I think it went well! we also set a date for two of our investigators to be baptized! our lesson was short but I have come to learn that if you follow the spirit and trust in god that he knows what your investigators need and he really does use his missionaries as tools! I would also like to add that they started sacrament yesterday with "we will first hear from Elder Moller, and then who ever else would like to come share there testimony after" so okay my French is not very good normally, but when you throw me on stage with so many Tahitians starring at me hahaha I don't even want to know what I said! but it was good! 

I'm trying to this if anything else crazy has happened, nothing here really surprises me anymore, we were just sitting in one of our Lessons and the most fluffy bunny just hopped right to me and started eating my bread, I was kind of hoping that it would eat the cockroach it was by but is didn't. haha or the time our investigator came out to talk to us and he was in church shoes a towel and had a gecko in his hair! haha I don't know how you don't know if there is a small animal on your head, but he had no idea!

other than that it's just haha tahiti, chickens and scary dogs and cats everywhere! I think I'm starting to get tan, I'm really excited about it, that or all my bug bites are blending together!

I love you all so much and I pray for you and hope you are well!
let the spirit guide you!
be happy and know I love ya!

From Tahiti,  Elder Moller.

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