Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week Five!

So the time few by. How am I already done learning french! Please tell me now!! I was getting the hang of it and they throw a big ball of island mumbo jumbo at me! Okay I am really excited for out first lesson next week in Tahitian, hahaha it is going to be pure reading off a paper, (pronouncing everything wrong) when our investigator said anything, smile and nod our heads, and maybe a few tears (from the spirit of course). So this week our district got split to make learning Tahitian easier. Four missionaries left from my zone who I had to send off! there going to Canada, west indies, new Caledonia, and Saint George! Also this week we had the opportunity to host senior couples, so we were the bell boys for the MTC it was so much fun. we like said hi to people and opened doors and smiled and such, then we had to take people suitcases to their rooms..... oh my gosh! I now know why they serve missions! okay so I take the luggage up to the third floor of this (seeming regular) building the door opens sand there I am standing in this 5 star hotel! Elder Brown told one of the senior missionary's that their carpet was nicer than our beds! (that carpet was memory foam) Guess who is serving a senior mission, They had a rooftop plaza! And their own toilets! Hahaha not that I am complaining about the opera house bathrooms that we have!its great it reassures me that everyone is regular.  I wish there was more funny stories for me to tell but I cant make a fool out of myself every week! I'm so happy that I have made this decision, I feel so blessed to be here everyday! I know that This is right where god wants me to be! And I l Know that god cares for us, and he hears our prayers. I know that Everything happens for a reason and that god has his hand in all things!! Pray for me as I study Tahitian! I love you all so much!!! 
Remember all is possible through God!

I love you all!

Elder Moller!

 Now that I sent that last picture, I feel really awkward because I'm the only on not making a face.... 

So here is this one!

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