Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week Six!

This week flew so fast! We are well into learning Tahitian and our first lesson is tomorrow!!! What?! Ain't nobody got time for that! So basically I just wrote down my lesson on a paper, witch looks like I places random letters on a page and connected them with A,E,I,O,U's! That is Tahitian! So I will read my paper of vowels and I will act like I know what it means, and if our investigator says something to me I will smile and nod my head approvingly, If it sounds like a question, I will reply with "E" (yes) and hope it was a yes or no question and hope I guessed right! If they ask me where I am from they will get a big "Yes" from me! Okay highlight from this week! We had a great big devotional and Matt Holland came to speak about Joseph Smith! there was a choir and It was so amazing! And yes we did hear a little bit from Elder Holland! It was Amazing! So this thing happened this week where I was eating my pickles like a regular day, and the Elders in my district were giving me a hard time about eating such a nasty thing! So I really just wanted to see if I could get them to eat one, so I told them that we will be eating a lot of nasty stuff in Tahiti ( like this fish that they pickle and then poor slightly fermented coconut juice, garlic, and smashed shrimp heads on) (hmm if that's not a delicacy I don't know what it) So I told these Elders that Eating a pickle would be suck good practice for when we have to eat this nasty food, with a smile! So I get everyone to eat a pickle and I thought it was funny, but then latter that day I was presented Vegemite..... To all things good and holy, never ever ever try this stuff. It is in this squirt tube (like toothpaste) and It is the darkest colored brown think you have ever seen. so this girl i my district is eating this stuff like candy, and I like new things. It smelled like rotten dog breath, and wet dog, basically everything stinky about every animal on earth. but they assured me that it tasted better then it smelled... HA... They said it was like soy sauce. liars! I put this foul stuff in my mouth, I have never gaged more in my life. My own words of "come on this is good practice for Tahiti" was echoing in my head... I couldn't do it, I had to run to the bathroom, I pushed like eight people out of my way. I shoved all the toilet paper and paper towels in my mouth and was gagging in the toilet with my mouth full of paper towel.. And yes there was an Elder in the bathroom. And no I didn't even try to explain what I was doing. If this is what the food is like in Tahiti... I am doomed!
Other than that horrid experience all else is awesome! The languages are coming and I am still loving it! I'm past halfway of my MTC time! And I cant wait for the experiences ahead! I love you all so much! and I know I'm doing what god wants for me!
I know this church is true, And I know Joseph Smith was called of got to restore the church of Jesus Christ back on this earth!
I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day!
You are all the best!
With all my love. 
Elder Moller


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